I’m 26 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD… “I keep changing jobs because I make too many ordinary mistakes. / #ADHD

    I'm 26 years old and I've been diagnosed with Asperger's and ADHD... "I keep changing jobs because I make too many ordinary mistakes. 
    I thought I was prepared for this, but when they finally told me, I was shocked. 
    Should I quit my job too? 
    I wonder if I should quit my job too... I'm a forgetful egomaniac... 
    A broken radio-controlled car. 
    I really think so. 
    I mean, it's me, and I'm acting in ways I can't even predict. 
    Why quit? If you're working right now, you don't have to quit. 
    If you're working now, go for it. 
    I think it's scary to use your illness as a cover for corruption. 
    Of course, don't overdo it. 
    I don't know if I can say I'm working. 
    I've been making so many ordinary mistakes that I think the company would be better off if I wasn't here. 
    I'm thinking about hiring someone with a disability. 
    I see. I think it's a little hard to shrug your shoulders if you make too many mistakes... 
    And if people forgive you, that might be a guilty feeling. 
    If you were to stop, is there anything else you'd rather do? 
    Are you calling that aspiring when you can be self-aware? 
    Exactly like that. 
    The people at work are nice, but they are always following me around, and I feel small. 
    What do you want to do? 
    I like music, but I'm not a genius, which is common among Aspies. 
    I wasn't aware of Aspie. 
    I was aware of ADHD. 
    I'm wondering a little if I'm an Aspie, HSP, or just AC. 
    I haven't diagnosed it because of both the fear and the hassle. 
    I see. 
    Well, I was just thinking that if you don't have to work, if you do have some free time, maybe you could devote it to a hobby. 
    Boredom kills, you know. 
    I mean, there aren't many doctors who see developmental disabilities, so there are probably a lot of people who can't even go to see a doctor even if they wanted to. 
    Even outpatient clinics for developmental disabilities are full of appointments. 
    I guess so. 
    And I hear there are even fewer places that diagnose adults, let alone children. 
    And I live in a rural area. 
    I wasn't a developmental specialist, but it took two months from my appointment to my first visit. 
    I think I didn't have to wait long because I was in the metropolitan area. 
    If I wanted to see a specialist in a rural area or a university hospital, it would take more than 6 months. 
    I didn't know that Asperger's and ADHD can occur at the same time... 
    I think you should talk to your boss first. If you are ready to quit at the worst case scenario, you should talk to your boss first. 
    I've looked this up on the internet, and it seems that there are very few people who only have Asperger's or ADHD. 
    In my case, the inattentive part of ADHD seems to be the strongest. 
    AC is pretty much all I can think of. 
    I'm a good adult now, and my parents still scare the crap out of me. 
    My doctor told me that most people who are able to make it in society without developmental disorders being found until adulthood usually have some elements of AC. 
    What, did you get diagnosed by some doctor? 
    I don't know much about it, but maybe you can work while going to day care or something? 
    Also, I had a feeling a hospital that specializes in developmental disabilities would hire someone with a developmental disability. 
    You never know when you might cause someone a lot of trouble, so don't leave the house. 
    Or take your meds and go to bed. 
    I've been diagnosed by a doctor. 
    Day care was not suggested, but I'm interested. 
    If you don't have to leave, that would be best, but 
    I'd like to work if I can, since the guilt of not working took a toll on my psyche when I was on leave from my last company. 
    There's a drug called Concerta that might help with the attention deficit. 
    I wouldn't recommend it, though, because it can make you addicted. 
    I'm on Concerta, and I'm not dependent on it. 
    And don't worry, it's only aspies that don't interfere with your daily life. 
    They told me they don't give out Concerta aggressively. 
    He said that if I can manage to work without being fired, I don't need it at the moment. 
    I don't think I could be fired myself. 
    I heard that some university hospital has a program for adults where you can stay in the hospital for a few days to get diagnosed with a developmental disorder... 
    Money and time. ...... 
    I once thought I was an Aspie, too, and I've been to a hospital that specializes in that. 
    On the contrary, I was told that I tend to read too much air and make mistakes. 
    I can think of that too. 
    But maybe in my case. 
    I'm aware that I can't read the air, and I don't want to make mistakes, so I just keep my mouth shut. 
    But I still can't keep quiet, so I speak up and regret it. 
    You should work at a patent office. 
    Why the patent office? 
    I have ADHD too, but it's not that big of a deal. 
    I think it depends on your environment. 
    I think I'm rather fortunate. I have a place where I can work. 
    It's a little late for that. 
    What should I write about specifications? 
    For now 
    26 years old 
    communicative disorder, lonely 
    3 years since I changed jobs 
    Anything else, please ask. 
    Since when did >>1 think he/she has a developmental disability?
    I thought I might have it when I was about 19. 
    When I learned about ADHD, I was surprised at how many things came to mind, but I wasn't particularly bothered by it in my daily life, so I left it alone. 
    I was able to do my part-time job just fine. 
    However, when I found a job, I was surprised at how incompetent I was, and I was in despair. 
    I made many ordinary mistakes, such as looking at the wrong things, hearing wrong things, counting wrong things, writing wrong things, and so on. 
    It takes time to improve the accuracy because there are so many mistakes. 
    But that doesn't mean I have to spend all my time on it. 
    I was nervous because I thought that I was wrong for not being able to do it because others were able to do it. 
    I became depressed with self-loathing and took a leave of absence, resigned, and changed jobs. 
    But even after changing jobs, the situation was the same. 
    The workload is less than before, and it's more like routine work, so it's a little better. 
    And recently, I have a partner whom I am thinking of marrying. 
    I thought that if I got married and had a child, I would feel sorry for the child if the disability was inherited, so I took a test and found out that I have a developmental disability. 
    It's a bit like talking about myself. Forgive me. 


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