Doctor: “More and more lazy normal people want to think they have ADHD” – “I don’t think you have any kind of developmental problem,” I tell him… / #ADHD

    Doctor: "More and more lazy normal people want to think they have ADHD" - "I don't think you have any kind of developmental problem," I tell him...
    The mind of a self-proclaimed developmentally disabled person who is disappointed by a diagnosis of "not a disease 
    I can't say that this is an absolutely correct diagnosis," he said, "but when I tell them, 'I don't think you have any developmental problems,' all the women I've seen so far have expressed their disappointment. 
    I said, "Oh, really? I don't have ADD? And I don't have Asperger's? I see. ......" 
    In a somewhat harsh way, these women seem to want to believe that their inability to be as organized or as filed as they would like is "not because of my motivation or personality, but because of my disability." 
    It's like disease gain. 
    I mean, even real ADHD is spoiled. 
    There's fake ADHD amongst the real ADHD. 
    You can tell the real ones are the fake ones. 
    It seems to me that all of humanity is affected by the psychopathic traits. 
    It's a matter of degree. 
    It's just a matter of degree. 
    Don't make everything a disease. 
    You're just an idiot... 
    Can't you see the reaction of the brain? 
    It's a disease called incompetence. 
    If you saw an adult with ADHD, you'd be shocked. 
    He looks like an adult but his gestures and movements are like an elementary school child. 
    >>I've seen this before. 
    I didn't realize that was what "restless" meant. 
    >>I've got it. 
    That's what I'm like. 
    I'm good at my job. 
    I can get the job done, so they don't say much about it. 
    But it doesn't change the way I'm treated at work. 
    You know what? 
    It's not like it's going to make you better at your job. 
    It's better not to have the disease. 
    You can make excuses for yourself. 
    I have a relative with fake ADHD. 
    If they didn't get a name for it, they'd just be incompetent. 
    What's the benefit of having a disease? 
    >>I don't know. 
    It's just for the certificate, right? 
    >>I'm just trying to get a certificate. 
    You can blame it on the disease. 
    I know this sounds like a lot, but it's pointless. 
    To begin with, you're wrong, ADHD is not a disease that absolutely exists in the world, and people don't get it. 
    ADHD is just defined as distractibility and hyperactivity at the level of a disease or disorder. 
    It means that your attention span is not at the level of a disorder, so you should be happy about it. 
    I think you're just looking for something to fall back on, and you want the ADHD label to play that role. 
    Also, the diagnosis of mild developmental disorder at the ADHD level is at the discretion of the doctor, so if you go to a few hospitals and say something like that, you'll get a diagnosis sooner or later. 
    You're also causing people to take a hard look at real ADHD. 
    People who call themselves ADHD and are just lazy. 
    There are a lot of people who put a lot of effort into things that don't actually work, and they think they're not getting rewarded for their efforts. 
    It's surprising that they don't realize that the measures themselves are wrong. 
    ADHD is a relative thing, so what's the point of clinging so desperately to it? 
    What's the point of that, what's the benefit? 
    It would be mentally comforting. 
    Isn't it harder to be labeled a failure? 
    It's a question of whether it's better to be labeled "no good" when there's nothing wrong with you 
    It's a question of whether it's better to be labeled "no good" when there's nothing wrong with you or to be labeled "bad" when you have a disease. 
    It makes sense to get a diagnosis so that you know what to do. 
    What's the problem if it's not mental illness? 
    Sick or not, incompetence is not unforgivable. 
    It's not as if your life will improve as soon as you get a diagnosis, so in the end it's up to you to create a comfortable living environment for yourself. 
    This is exactly what I'm saying. 
    What do people who go for ADHD diagnosis expect? 
    I have ADHD! So? What happens? 


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