Overcoming Depression: As a result of seriously adjusting my intestinal environment, I recovered from being a NEET to being able to telework after doing all the things that are good for my intestines. / #Depression #MentalHealth

    Overcoming Depression: As a result of seriously adjusting my intestinal environment, I recovered from being a NEET to being able to telework after doing all the things that are good for my intestines.    #Depression
    The fact that as long as you keep your intestinal environment in order, you'll be fine every day. 
    I can't eat milk and yogurt. 
    Gastrointestinal tract is important. 
    It is known that about 1,000 types of bacteria, or 100 trillion bacteria, live in the intestines. It is important to increase the ratio of good bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the intestines for the health of the body. It is important to take enough oligosaccharides and dietary fiber, which increase good bacteria, and to cooperate with the intestinal bacteria, which are our roommates, to create health. 
    The human body is the gut. 
    It's our third organ. 
    A kilo's worth of bacteria, gross as that sounds, has a lot of influence. 
    I used to be a wino, but after reading that article, I started doing a lot of gut-healthy things, and I got back on my feet and was able to telecommute. 
    Here's what I did to recover from my lethargy 
    Biosuly, an intestinal regulator (a researcher who came down to NanJ taught me this) 
    Eat fermented food at every meal (Asazuke and Sawan) 
    Drink miso soup every day. 
    Eat yogurt twice a day (bifidobacteria is recommended) 
    After about 10 days of doing this, my energy recovered to the point that I suddenly started running, even though I was a NEET. 
    I've been doing this for about 6 months now, and my farts and poop have become odorless. 
    Can I believe this? 
    I'm going to buy this stuff called "Biosly". 
    I asked a gut-related researcher in a previous thread about how gut bacteria can improve depression, and he told me about it when I asked him about it. 
    He recommended Biosly or Myarisan, and he said that Biosly has three different types of bacteria, and that the interaction of taking multiple types of bacteria increases each type of bacteria by almost 10 times. 
    He advised me that Biosly is better for beginners because it contains three different types of bacteria and the interaction of taking multiple types of bacteria increases each type of bacteria by almost 10 times. 
    I don't know if there is any interaction. 
    I'll take it when I run out of Myarisan. 
    It says so on the prescription page of Biosly. 
    Improvement of proliferation by symbiosis11) 
    In the mixed culture of butyric acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria in this formulation, the number of butyric acid bacteria increased about 10-fold compared to that in the monoculture. In addition, when lactobacilli were cultured with the addition of saccharomycete culture filtrate, the number of lactobacilli increased approximately 10-fold. 
    If you don't mind, can you tell me the name of the sl... or the url... 
    I suffer from universal gastrointestinal sensitivity... 
    I'm feeling depressed, so I'll give your response a try. 
    Can I have miso soup with hilge? 
    I'm going to make it a routine to take fermented foods, miso, yogurt, and intestinal tablets anyway. 
    What kind of yogurt are you eating? 
    I'm eating either Bifidus or Megumi, both are bifidobacteria type. 
    I tried Bulgarian yogurt and others, but the bifidobacteria type suited me best, so I focused on that. 
    90% of good bacteria are Bifidobacterium bifidum, so I think this should be effective for you for now. 
    Especially after 30, the number of bifidobacteria decreases. 
    Thanks, I'll buy some tomorrow. 
    By the way, how many days does it take to finish a pack? 
    It's so good, I eat it up so fast, it doesn't last until the next shopping day. 
    I'm having a hard time with lethargy, can you believe it? 
    Can I use pickled plums for fermented food? 
    I take umeboshi too, but they suppress bad bacteria, not increase it. 
    It's no good if you don't take fermented foods such as pickles, miso, and yogurt. 
    You should also reduce the amount of meat in your diet. 
    Is Biosuly better than Biofermin? 
    I can recommend it because it contains three kinds of bacteria. 
    It depends on the person which one is lacking, so I think you should just try a month by month rotation. 
    Biofermin didn't work so well for me. 
    Biofermin is not supposed to be good for lactose intolerant people. 
    That's where Yakult comes in! 
    I've been drinking Yakult every day and my stomach feels really good. 
    I'm a NEET. 
    I'm a NEET, but I'll try different kinds of Yakult. 
    Or kimchi... 
    >>I'll try kimchi. 
    Yeah, that's a good idea. 
    Combination with natto (fermented soybeans). 
    I've got natto. 
    I drink yogurt and Myarisan, but I drink alcohol, so that cancels out the diarrhea every day. 
    Garlic kills Yakult? 
    What's the point of drinking it if it doesn't kill Yakult? 
    It's a strong disinfectant. 
    It kills intestinal bacteria and makes me sick to my stomach. 
    Garlic kills intestinal bacteria even in normal amounts because it makes your poop smell instantly. 
    Why can't I use garlic in cooking? 
    No raw garlic. 
    However, I have experienced that if you eat only one slice of Ihekei Ramen the RED way, the next time you have a bowel movement, it starts to smell. 
    I can eat 300 grams of pork cutlet and my poop doesn't smell at all, but if I eat ramen with garlic on it just one time, it starts to smell. 
    What's wrong with stools smelling like garlic? 
    Does it mean I'm not digesting it properly? 
    I take yogurt and probiotic supplements every day, my mental health is too stable. 
    I take all of these every day. 
    I think there's a war going on in my intestines. 
    Which is better, Biofermin or Biosuly? 
    No one can tell you which one will work better for you. 
    Like yogurt, you have to try each one and feel which one works better for you. 
    Biofermin is bifidobacteria type, and Biosly is butyric acid bacteria, saccharide bacteria, and lactobacilli, which are different types. 
    If you have a problem with lactobacilli or other bacteria, it is most likely SIBO. 
    They don't reach the large intestine, and become food for bad bacteria in the small intestine. 
    I don't say anything bad about those who get stomach ache from milk, you should switch to Acadi. 
    The main part of a human being is the intestines, after all. 


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