me (20) have schizophrenia & ADHD, CT of head shows frontal temporal lobe atrophy. / #ADHD

    me (20) have schizophrenia & ADHD, CT of head shows frontal temporal lobe atrophy.     #ADHD
    Oh no. 
    My vocabulary is ending more and more. 
    I think I may be in a state of dementia. 
    They used to call schizophrenia "juvenile dementia". 
    What are you, a NEET? 
    You're on welfare? 
    College student... 
    Schizophrenia will make you an idiot if not treated with medication early. 
    I went crazy in middle school. 
    My parents didn't understand mental illness and wouldn't take me. I finally went to high school. 
    I even had a part-time job. 
    You don't have the words, do you? 
    Not at all. 
    When I became a university student, it got so bad that I can't even write Kanji properly anymore. 
    It's so bad! 
    It's a disaster. 
    Frontotemporal lobe atrophy in a college student... that's terrible. 
    Why did you get a CT scan? 
    Syntax, like dementia, is a form of brain atrophy. 
    Your life is ruined. 
    You've got this disease? That's scary. 
    What if there's some kind of organic abnormality? 
    I think I have atrophy, too. 
    I've been depressed for a long time. 
    I don't know how you're going to college. 
    I think it's great. 
    I'm developmentally delayed and depressed. I can't work. 
    Why don't people with schizophrenia go to school? I mean, they can have fantasies and auditory hallucinations, but they can still live a normal life, can't they? Do they need to miss school? 
    Fear of being around others, loss of motivation, etc. 
    Sounds can sound like swear words. 
    Is there any way to detect atrophy with a CT scan? 
    That's a pretty serious story. 
    Do you have to do surgery for this kind of thing? 
    It's a tough disease. 
    It's really hard to reason with them. 
    I used to be so intelligent. 
    >>I used to be so intelligent. 
    I don't get it. 
    No rational person would say something like that. 
    Can it be cured? 
    I've been told that drawing and cleaning my room will help. 
    I don't know how much of that is true. 
    I think I'm going to get a notebook. 
    I'm too scared that something that isn't me now will take over my body and make me violent. 
    I'm so scared that I'll forget all about my current illness and start to suffer. 
    I'm sure you'll start getting paranoid about your family, neighbors, and other people around you. 
    You should be in the hospital before you get into big trouble. 
    It's only hell when your memories start to get mixed up or disappear. 
    I'm spoiled. 
    >>I'm sorry. 
    It's so bad. 
    I'm afraid it's atrophying. 
    If we can figure out the brain, we can solve all human problems. 
    If you're a hermit, it's obvious that your frontal lobe breaks down and your intelligence declines. 
    I think my brain has degenerated a lot too. 
    I've been a hermit since I was 15, and I haven't talked at all for about 10 years. 
    Sometimes I even feel sick when I imagine the number of words people say in a day. 
    I'm already on the tailpipe. 
    I'm probably like that too, only I'm not a communicator. 
    Did you get a CT scan at the psychiatrist? 
    I was told to play board games for brain training, but is it effective if I start playing them when I'm old? 
    Do you feel like you're atrophied because you don't use your head enough? 
    Can he socialize? 
    I can't. 
    I can't even reply to messages, and I've lost touch with old friends. 
    How is the medical treatment for this kind of disease progressing? 
    But what you're saying is so easy to understand and convey to us. 
    I've heard it's possible to get better if you try. 
    I'm not sure if I'm going to college, so I guess I can say I'm living my daily life, right? 
    I'm having a hard time getting credits. 
    So you're saying you're cured of sugar now? 
    That sounds like the word of a real person. 
    Lecithin is good for your brain. 
    Get some eggs and natto. 
    Walnuts are good for your brain, too. 
    Look it up on Brain Foods and hope you manage to live a decent life 🙏. 


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