ADHD and its relationship to the optic nerve. / #ADHD

    ADHD and its relationship to the optic nerve.
    I don't have any evidence to support this. 
    I don't know that ADD in particular is inattentive (I've never experienced hyperactivity, so I don't know). 
    I thought it was a brain issue, but now I'm starting to think it could be an eye issue as well. 
    If I say optic nerve, then the brain is involved, too. 
    I think it's all information from the eyes, such as putting things in unexpected places and not being able to find them, difficulty in cleaning the room, and other things like being a nosy person. 
    I often use the analogy of looking at the leaves instead of the forest. 
    I'm starting to think that there is a problem with the optic nerve and that all I can see are leaves. 
    Like glaucoma, even if there is a loss of vision, the brain compensates for it, so it appears as if you can see. 
    I think ADD is an abnormality of the cranial nerve. 
    I wonder if the optic nerve is involved as the cause of the symptoms. 
    There's talk that maybe there's a lack of function in processing visual information and spatial cognition... 
    I'm afraid so. 
    It's not just a processing issue. 
    I'm starting to think that there is a fundamental problem with the input. Maybe it's just me. 
    I'm sure there have been times when I've soiled my suit without realizing it, and only realized it when someone told me about it. 
    I don't know. 
    When I say glaucoma, I mean glutamate. 
    But this is more related to Aspiration and Sugar these days. 
    It's a brain error, because the brain is the one that ultimately processes it. 
    What about the cells and nerves in the eye, though, is related to color blindness and color weakness. 
    But we don't have a problem with seeing itself. 
    If there was an error in the optic nerve in the first place, there would not be an irregularity in seeing or not seeing. 
    It's a brain problem. 
    Even healthy people experience this phenomenon. 
    I posted a link that had a connection to this when it was mentioned that deep vision was a problem with the license. 
    I put up a link that's relevant, but I don't think many people actually have problems at the input stage. 
    Oh, maybe I didn't put up the link, or maybe I just googled it. 
    Binocular Function Test - Google Search
    And one more thing related to vision. 
    This one may be applicable to people with strong autoclinical sphere. 
    Ehrens Syndrome - Google search
    I didn't know there was such a thing as deep vision... 
    I guess a regular ophthalmologist can't check it. 
    Spatial cognition is especially bad, so I'd like to try it. 
    Hi, thanks for the response. I managed to clear my deep vision. 
    I've managed to clear my deep vision and I'm taking my driving lessons. I had a thorough examination at an optician, but there is nothing wrong. 
    I think the one at the school was difficult. 
    In conclusion, I think to myself that deep vision and ADHD had nothing to do with each other. 
    I seem to have APD and Asperger's at the same time, so I thought it was something else again. 
    I thought it might be a combination, but fortunately it was not. 
    I think it's easier, or better to separate them tightly, when you're trying to figure out how to deal with them. 
    I'm not sure if it's deep vision or not. 
    In my case, it seems that my left and right eyes are not well coordinated, and I only see things with my right eye. 
    In addition, I have a slight strabismus. 
    It seems that it takes time for the left eye to move after the right eye moves and for the left eye to lock. 
    And here's my guess. 
    It seems that I have to work unconsciously to lock my left eye. 
    It seems that it is a pain to try hard and the time it takes to lock is unbearable, and it is painful to stare at things. 
    These pains can be alleviated slightly with a pair of tightly made glasses. 
    There was no comparison with glasses made by an ophthalmologist or a regular optician. 
    There are some places that point out the connection between binocular function and developmental disabilities, so if you know of any, you should look into it. 
    220 has Aspies, so it might be Arlen's. 
    I've never heard of vision having anything to do with it. 
    Rather, it's a right brain dysfunction (especially in the frontal association cortex of the frontal lobe). 
    the left hemisphere of the body should be slow. 
    Even if there's nothing wrong with the eyesight itself, maybe it's possible that the left and right dynamic visual acuity is different because we end up processing the information we see with our eyes. 
    I'm not an expert, so I don't know. 
    I'm not an expert, but I don't know. I'm also clumsy because my left hand doesn't seem to move well, and when I type on the keyboard like this, my left and right movements don't match. 
    I'm not an expert, but I don't know. 
    I read in some literature that the right side of the brain itself is generally smaller in ADHD than in normal people. 
    They don't know if the size affects intelligence or not. 
    However, it has been medically proven that the frontal association cortex, basal ganglia, and ectopia are smaller than normal. 
    So we're talking about visual acuity, or deep vision, so we're talking about stereopsis. 
    You know that we get a sense of 3D by looking at an object with our left and right eyes and recognizing and synthesizing the difference between them in our brain. 
    If you cannot see things properly with your left and right eyes, your brain cannot synthesize the difference properly. 
    Specifically, there is a difference in visual acuity between the left and right eyes, or strabismus. 
    That's what I'm talking about. 
    If you include developmental disabilities in the keyword search 
    I'm sure there are some theories about this. 
    Binocular Function Test for Developmental Disorders - Google Search
    If I change my glasses for details, will it be easier to do precision work or something like that? 
    I thought we were talking about the content of the disability? 
    I don't wear glasses to begin with. 
    When I had my eyesight tested, my vision was good, though there was a difference between left and right. 
    But recently, my farsightedness has gotten worse, and it's hard for me to see things up close, so I went to an ophthalmologist and got a prescription. 
    I went to an ophthalmologist to get an examination and a prescription, but I didn't feel like this prescription would help. 
    I went to an optician who seemed to have a good reputation and said, "I will examine you thoroughly. 
    The examination was more detailed than the ophthalmologist's examination, but I still didn't feel that I would get any relief even if I got glasses made with this prescription. 
    The spectacles made as a result of the binocular function test were satisfactory. 
    But it doesn't mean that my brain has been changed, so there is no dramatic improvement in my ability to concentrate. 
    But I think the burden of seeing has been reduced. 
    If you are interested, you should be able to find one in your area. 
    I know it was a long time ago, but I erased my data too. 
    I think visual input errors are common among normal people. 
    But in our case, our ability to compensate for it is extremely weak. 
    I think it's a combination. 
    If you're saying that ADHD is more common, that may be true. 
    I don't see any visual problems in the ADHD guys around me, so I don't think all ADHDers have weak abilities. 
    The right brain is ADHD is a creator brain, and it's an inspiration brain. 
    If it's small, I don't see anything wrong with it's function at all. 
    I have ADD, but I'm late to the party. 
    Don't discriminate based on the presence or absence of symptoms or how mild or severe they are.
    Oh, sorry. 
    Am I wrong about the right brain being the artistic field? 
    If you think of the right brain as total vision and the left brain as partial vision, then you're right, my overall visual processing ability might be low. 
    I think that's one of the factors contributing to the difficulty. 
    Well, I think it's easy to say it's a concomitant condition. 
    I didn't think I had a visual problem either. 
    But there's a lot of "why?" "Why?" I've been thinking about it a lot. 
    I thought it might be a visual input/processing problem. I thought maybe it was a visual input/processing problem. 
    Maybe there were too many input errors and the processing part didn't grow well. 


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