Is the inability to meet deadlines due to genetics? The theory that there is a “procrastination gene” has been presented / #ADHD

    Is the inability to meet deadlines due to genetics? The theory that there is a "procrastination gene" has been presented     #ADHD
    There are things that need to be done......, but not today. ......Yeah, let's do it tomorrow. Do you often see people who put things off or fail to meet deadlines like this? 
    It is now being proposed that this character trait is actually imprinted in our DNA, and that there is a "procrastination gene" at work! 
    An experiment using twins 
    The "procrastination gene" was announced by a research team at the University of Colorado in the United States. In order to prove the existence of the "procrastination gene," a number of pairs of twins were collected for an experiment. The twins were asked questions such as "How much do you procrastinate on work? 
    Twins of Two Kinds 
    There are two types of twins: identical twins and fraternal twins. Twins of the former type have the same DNA, while twins of the latter have separate DNA. Both types of twins were available for this study. By comparing the results of the questions between these two types of twins, the researcher examined whether or not the "tendency to put things off" was due to genetic origin. 
    . impulsive tendencies. 
    The results ...... led to the conclusion that there is a significant relationship between such a "procrastinating" personality and genes, and that what could be called a "procrastination gene" does exist. Surprisingly, the findings did not stop there. To their surprise, they also found that people who tend to procrastinate are more likely to be impulsive. 
    Yes, yes, excuses, excuses. 
    Well, if you have similar brains, you will have similar personalities. 
    Maybe it's genetic, then I'll get serious next year. 
    Environmental factors seem to be a bigger factor. 
    You just don't have a sense of responsibility. 
    That's because what can be done today can be done tomorrow, what can be done tomorrow can be done tomorrow, and what had to be done yesterday can no longer be done today. 
    If it's genetic, I don't blame you, yeah. 
    Yeah it can't be helped, right? 
    Yeah, that's me. 
    But, well, the fact that these traits haven't been eliminated must be something that gives me an advantage for survival. 
    I'm enjoying my life. I'm undereducated and unemployed. 
    You mean Togashi. 
    Oh, this is good excuse evidence. 
    Is eugenics starting to show signs of a comeback? 
    Genes. This whole thing is God's world. 
    It's not genetics, it's just lifestyle transference. 
    It's just a tradition passed down from parent to child. 
    If you make up your mind, you'll be cured. 
    It's not genetic, it's just that people put off dying for a long time, so they have a relatively long life span. 
    It's just ADHD. 
    It's not a new discovery at all, it's just common sense. 
    Procrastination genes... 
    You've got to find a better gene! 
    There are people who can't get out of the way of an approaching car even if you say, "Oi" at the scene. 
    I'll have to pull your hand. 
    I think your brain is slowing down. 
    You don't do things because you're motivated. 
    You're doing it because you're motivated to do it 
    Yes, yes, it's all in the genes. 
    It's not his fault, it's his genes that make him do it. 
    I don't need excuses, just submit them. 
    I'm sorry, I'm not very far along yet, but please give me a little more time. 
    I'm the type of person who gets rid of the bad things first, not the procrastinating type.


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