ADHD “I can’t calm down. I make mistakes. I cannot concentrate. I can’t concentrate.”←Why wasn’t it eliminated? / #ADHD

    ADHD "I can't calm down. I make mistakes. I cannot concentrate. I can't concentrate."←Why wasn't it eliminated?     #ADHD
    Why wasn't it eliminated in our long history? 
    Because women with ADHD are married and have kids. 
    You don't understand anything. 
    There is a fine line between genius and stupidity. 
    Human history has basically been changed by dumb geniuses 
    Natural selection is an old theory. 
    Let's learn neutral evolution from now on. 
    How did the mass of incompetent people survive and procreate? 
    Lively, decoy, tractable members of the population. 
    I suppose if the developmental disability gene exists, then being developmentally disabled is an advantage for survival. 
    It's hard to establish mating without a trait that makes a difference in social competence. 
    I think they were selected for, but then society stabilized and they weren't selected for. 
    Women weren't eliminated. 
    I'd rather have an ADHD advantage when it comes to hunting and such. 
    The reason why Aspies survived is more of a mystery. 
    Aspies are a necessary part of the human race. 
    Without Aspies, we wouldn't have people taking pictures of trains. 
    It's the same principle as there being a certain number of stragglers to keep society from being wiped out. 
    That's funny, but cruel. 
    Look up ADHD rates in athletes, they're hidden, but most of them have ADHD. 
    So hyperactivity is the only way to go that way. 
    Is ADHD mass-produced as a gaffer to produce some geniuses? 
    ADHD is a modern disease. 
    In the old days, you could be a little stupid and screwed up, but you could live like a normal person because it was less difficult. 
    But nowadays, the amount of tools and information we handle is so vast that we can't keep up with it. 
    I think we will probably be eliminated in the future. 
    Selection and natural selection happen over a span of thousands of years, unless there is a sudden change in the environment, such as a disaster or the emergence of a natural enemy. 
    Would a change in the social environment in just a few decades be enough to put enough pressure on selection to affect genes? 
    I think that rapid environmental change is modernization. 
    It does not promote selection by directly killing humans like volcanoes and tsunamis, but it may promote selection by making the intellectually weak lose their chance to reproduce through modernization. 
    From a neutral evolutionary perspective, as long as there is no mass extinction-level selection pressure 
    The effect of chance on the next generation will be greater than the advantage or disadvantage of genetic characteristics. 
    It is only in the last 30 years or so that genetic issues have begun to be considered a problem. 
    Selection hasn't even started yet. 
    It's only since the modern era that the skill of "never making a mistake" has become a necessity. 
    I think it's going to be harder for those who can only do what they're told to do correctly, because the skill of "not making mistakes" is going to become less and less necessary. 
    It's just that most people have both elements, but with brakes. 
    That's why there is no selection. 
    Selection is more like a bug or flaw that sometimes occurs when humans are created, so it's not going away. 
    DNA errors occur regardless of natural selection. 
    It's not genetic, it's an error that's only present for one generation, and that's why our ancestors were so sane. 
    It's more like a cellular system that has the luxury of creating bugs. 
    In the past, ADHD or no ADHD had no effect on survival or reproduction, so ADHD evolved or was maintained as neutral evolution. 
    However, in the modern world, ADHD has a negative impact on survival and reproduction, and is no longer a neutral evolution. 
    However, ADHD is still able to live and be protected in modern society, so it is not likely that ADHD will be eliminated in a few generations.


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