Talking about ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in an appropriate manner (should I come out with the disorder?) / #ADHD

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Talking about ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in an appropriate manner (should I come out with the disorder?)    #ADHD

First of all, let me say that I am not a doctor and 
I have little medical knowledge. 
I am writing this based on information I have obtained from the Internet and other sources. 
If there are any errors, I would appreciate it if you could point them out to me. 
I hope this thread will deepen your understanding of ADHD. 

I was suspected of this when I was a child. 


Go ahead and write about it! 

When you're a kid, it's hard to distinguish it from Aspies or mania. 

I'm undiagnosed, but I suspect this. 

Come on. 

If you don't know much, you shouldn't start a thread. 
I made a similar thread once. 
I got a lot of flack for it. 

I'm talking about people who suddenly act like they don't know what's going on. 

More and more people are claiming they have this disease. 
But there are no stories of people who have gone for treatment for this disease, it's just an excuse for being a bad person. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

The cartoon "Protici" was funny. 
Asbees around me weren't so theoretical though. 


What kind of disorder is ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder? 
Simply put, it is a disorder that makes it extremely difficult to sustain attention. 

*ADHD originally means Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder, which includes hyperactivity, but for the sake of brevity, I'll assume ADHD = Attention Deficit Disorder, unless otherwise noted. 


Is it different from a developmental disorder? 

I probably have this disease. That's why everything I do doesn't work. 
"That's tough, have you been treated?" 
Not yet. 
Are you really worried? 

There are three main types of ADHD: hyperactive, inattentive, and mixed. 

In my case, I'm at the extremes of passive and active concentration. 
An example of passive concentration is like listening to school, from elementary school until I graduated from college, I finally couldn't take a class seriously. 
At the beginning of the semester, I would say, "Come on! This time I'm going to take my classes seriously! but when I came to my senses, I was thinking about something completely unrelated, and I just couldn't do it. 
On the other hand, if I do something on my own, for example, crafts, or study, I can do it by working hard on my problem books. 
When I'm in the mood for something like that, I can concentrate unusually well, and it's easy to get into it. 
Can you explain this better? 

Distracted, you mean. 
A common symptom is, for example 
Forgetting things frequently. 
I tend to leave doors and zippers open. 
Difficulty in keeping things in order. 
Tendency to put off difficult things 
Burns out suddenly when he or she gets past a difficult obstacle, such as homework. 
Has trouble keeping his/her room tidy. 
Tends to listen to what others say over and over again. 

I tend to repeat what people say over and over again. 
Of course, one or two of these things are not so much a disease as they are something that everyone can relate to. 

However, for many people, these things are "things that can be fixed if one is careful," and it is sweet to name them as disorders. 
However, for many people, these things are "things that can be fixed with care," and it is often criticized as being "naive" to bother naming it as a disorder, etc. 

However, we ADHD sufferers have many of these symptoms that apply to us. 
And the problem is that we don't care about being "careful". 

*Of course, not all ADHD sufferers have all of the above symptoms, and some ADHD sufferers are even good at cleaning. 
However, the main tendency is to make mistakes, forget to do things, or avoid maintaining focus. 

You can line up a list of ailments and they'll all fit the bill. 
Loss of appetite, lethargy, bad breath, etc. 

There is nothing more idiotic than a layman diagnosing a disease because it fits a case. 
If in doubt, go to a doctor. 

The "-" in the title of the article is wrong first of all. 
Why only "attention deficit" when it's ADHD? 
What about hyperactivity? 


Sleight of hand, you're distracted. 

This is because I thought ADD might unfortunately be too hard to convey. 
Of course, if this is considered a new misunderstanding, I will change it. 

Rather, it's only a misunderstanding. 

In my case, I think it's my inability to think of more than one thing in my brain at a time that's the cause of my thud. 

I was wondering if I might have ADHD, so this is just the right thread for me. 

I'm sure the word is gospel to a lot of screw-ups, misunderstandings and all that. 
It's like, "Oh, it's just a disorder," you know? 
Well, in the end, if you don't get a diagnosis, you have to work on it, and you can give up on yourself to some extent. 

That's gospel, because there is a possibility of improvement with medication. 

That's the kind of thing people suddenly start talking about when they grow up. 

I'd take a diagnosis if I could get one easily. 
But I can't go through all the trouble of searching for a doctor and making an appointment. 
And I've heard that the diagnosis varies from doctor to doctor. 

Developmental disabilities 
developmental disability is not the same as being spoiled, or having a personality, or having a personality. 
First of all 
I want people to recognize that the cause is in the brain. 

If a part of the brain is damaged in an accident or illness, it can cause symptoms similar to ADHD. 

How many people do you think have knowledge of developmental disorders in the current generation of parents of adults and older? 

It used to be just "the odd one out".  Translated with 

◊I mean, whether it's a physical or mental illness, there are factors. 
There are mild and severe, and there is absolutely improvement and worsening. 
Someone who had difficulty even taking classes from firefighting to college has not even been diagnosed? 
That's a level of severity that would warrant designation as a ward of a public institution, no matter how you look at it. 

It's crazy that he never went to a hospital even though it's interfering with his life so much, isn't it? 

Maybe the reason he never had a chance to be diagnosed is because he never made a fuss. 
I didn't make a fuss, so I didn't disturb the class. 
I think it's because I was able to study reasonably well even if I couldn't take the class seriously, though I wasn't too smart. 

I was inattentive, so there were times when I would doodle in class or just stand there and not listen. 
I couldn't turn in homework assignments on time, and no matter how much I was rushed, I never got around to it. 
I hated it when they tied me to a chair, and I had a fever. 

But they just chalk it up to naivete. 
Parents don't have the knowledge, and they don't want to think of their child as a cripple. 

He's just like me, with his attitude in class and all the stuff he's got to turn in. 

I'm still waiting for the rest of the story. 

There are two types of hyperactive attention deficit disorder, ADHD and ADD without other behaviors, as well as mixed types of ADHD and ADD. 
What is hyperactivity? 
Difficulty sitting still 
Frustrated with waiting in line 
Move around impatiently. 
Acting on spur of the moment 
Acting on one's own initiative, etc. 
This is common in children, but most people outgrow it as they grow older. 
ADHD sufferers also ostensibly overcome these things. 
This is because they know from childhood experiences that it is not a good thing to do. 
For example, through experiences of frequent attention, being looked at in a strange way, etc. 

As a result, they become someone who can't do anything without being told to do the opposite. 

You said that many people with inattentive dominance are discovered after they enter the workforce, because they can't deal with problems. 

In my case, when I was a little girl, I used to play pranks impulsively and 
I would make unintentional remarks in inappropriate situations. 
I also had a tendency to lose my temper. 
And then there was standing on the train and turning frequently. 

Now I try not to do that. 
It's because it looks strange and inconvenient for me. 

But even if I can keep it under control on the surface, I still talk to myself. 
I still have these impulses in less conspicuous ways, such as talking to myself and shaking my head. 

I'd rather not believe that I'm sick. 
I thought that people with real ADHD would have a much harder time. 

But lately, I've been feeling a lot of forgetfulness, and I've been thinking. 
I'm starting to wonder if I should get diagnosed. 
I'm starting to wonder if I should get diagnosed. 

But wait a minute. 
If it hasn't continued since childhood, it's not a developmental disorder. 
If it hasn't continued since childhood, it's not a developmental disorder, but a case of brain dysfunction due to improper usage. 

Since childhood. 
"I can't sit still. 
"I don't listen to others." 
"I forget things a lot." 
"I only do what interests me." 
I was always being scolded for these things. 
But luckily, I was in a school and a job that didn't inconvenience me in any way. 

But as I got older and had more responsibility. 
I realized for the first time, "Oh my God, I'm in trouble. I realized that for the first time. 

My question is, can ADHD be cured or alleviated? 
Or can the symptoms be alleviated? 

I had a severe behavioral disorder in early elementary school. 
By the time I was in middle school, my mood had calmed down. 

I recommend a book called The Freezing Brain. 

It's good to know that when I was a kid, the concept of ADHD itself was thin on the ground. 

Did all of you with self-described suspected ADHD go to the hospital this year? 
Not to use it as an excuse, but are you really worried and want to treat it? 
That's all I'm saying. 

Not this year, but I was told I'm an Aspie. 

Did the doctor diagnose you with the name "Asperger's Syndrome" as the name of your disease? 
If it's true, you should go to another hospital and get a second opinion. 

I was first told I had ADHD, then I was diagnosed at a different hospital, and this is what I got. 

I get frustrated with people who can't tell the difference between Aspie and ADHD. 

They're both developmental disorders, but in some ways they're the exact opposite in terms of symptoms.

◊When I first learned about this disorder, I thought it was something that everyone had and that I shouldn't make a big deal about it. 
However, I couldn't get over it, so I assumed that I had this disorder and tried to practice the countermeasures and mental attitude. 
I got better than I thought I would. 
Then, when I had a chance to calmly think about myself, mainly thinking about my childhood, I realized that I have a strong tendency toward this disorder. 
I think I have a strong tendency to this disorder. 

I guess it was four years ago that I suspected ADHD and visited a hospital. 
I was in high school, but I dragged my parents to see a pediatrician. 

By the way, ADHD is not compatible with Aspies, or rather, I'm not compatible with Aspies. 
They're very fussy about time and schedules. 
I often clash with them because they lose track of time when they're absorbed in something. 

I've been diagnosed, but the meds didn't work for me. 
Now I'm not on meds, but I've moved to a job that is more accepting of my traits, which is kind of a cop out. 

And ADHD and ADD are not acceptable excuses. 
Most of the time, it's just "so what? It's just "so what? 
After all, we can't understand other people's world. 

>>I'm just trying to make excuses. 
I've heard people say "I'm just trying to make excuses", but that's no excuse at all. 
I've never told anyone in real life about my suspected ADHD. 
Even if I were officially diagnosed, I wouldn't want to talk about it unless it was something serious. 

When people hear the word "disability" they immediately think of intellectual disability. 

My mother doesn't think you're developmentally disabled. 
Real disabled people can't see that there's something wrong with them. 
They can't even arrange their own doctor's appointments. 

That's what my mother used to say back then. 


To be honest, I'm not sure I have ADHD, and I've always thought of myself as a normal person, but there's so much that fits the bill... 
Ever since junior high school, I've been failing at everything in my life, and every time I fail, my parents say to me, "Didn't you see this coming?" I've been told by my parents, "Didn't you see this coming? 

I've failed at everything I've tried, even over my parents' objections, and I haven't been able to find a new job, and now my parents are telling me to do as they say. 
But I'm not interested in any of the jobs my parents say I'm suited for, so I'm working part-time behind my parents' back. 

I'm having a hard time because I'm starting to feel that I'm fundamentally out of step with the people around me, regardless of my personality. 

>>I'm having a hard time. 
Go to the hospital. 

I'd like to know if you have any tips on choosing a hospital. 

Also, how much is the consultation fee with insurance? 

I heard it's a good idea to consult a developmental disability support center and get a referral. 

In my case, I just made a lot of calls to hospitals and asked to see a doctor. 
I was underage at the time, so my situation may be different. 

Thank you. 

I'll check out developmental disabilities support centers and try to get in touch with them. 

It costs 20,000 yen to have a diagnosis of developmental disability or not. 
If diagnosed, about 15,000 a month for medicine and medical fees. 
After that, if I get the medical care system for services and supports for the self-supporting, it will be 10% of my expenses, so I feel like I'm getting by. 


Does it cost that much? 

I'm kind of a laid-back person on a daily basis 
But when it comes to seconds, I'm very impatient. 

For example, when I'm at work and a coworker says to me, "Can you hand me that document? 
But when I try to give it to my colleague, he or she is busy with his or her hands or drinking a glass of juice. 
So if I have to wait for a few seconds while holding out the document, I'm told to "hurry up and take it. 
I get so frustrated. 

I used to wonder why, but recently 
"Oh, it's because I'll forget what I'm doing if I don't receive it quickly. 
I realized it's because I forget what I'm working on if I don't receive it quickly. 

I wonder if this is ADHD. 

It could be that my working memory is just low, or it could be that I have a developmental disorder based on such a small amount of information. 
No one can answer whether or not you have a developmental disorder with that little information... 

If you really doubt it. 
What kind of life have you lived since childhood, and what kind of barriers have you faced in your life? 
What kind of problems are you having now? 
and what kind of problems you are having now. 

I know... my working memory is much lower than other people's. 

I can remember my old job though, but I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. Often I didn't know why I made the mistake. 
Still, they gave me credit where credit was due, and I was desperate to be liked by my boss, so they managed to take care of me. 

But every time I had an interview for a new job, he would say to me, "You're strange, aren't you? Do people talk about you a lot?" I was sick of that question. 

I felt like I was being weird in ways I didn't even know I was, so I decided to see a doctor... 

I'm here now, but without the hyperactivity, it's ADD, isn't it? 

I've heard that nowadays they don't call it ADD, but ADHD with inattentive dominance. 

ADD and ADHD are difficult to diagnose. 
You can't tell just from online diagnoses. 
ADD and ADHD-like symptoms can be caused by abuse and other factors. 
It is also possible to have other illnesses or no illnesses. 
It's a good reason to see a doctor, but don't take it for granted. 
Also, there are a lot of people who want to be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, but being diagnosed is rarely good for you externally. 

Of course it doesn't. 
No matter how severe the disability, it's not like someone who is blind or deaf in the extreme is going to break a product or allow a miscommunication to occur. 
People don't like it when someone breaks a product or has a miscommunication and asks for forgiveness. 

So, as I've said before, you need to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. 
You have to get the proper diagnosis from the doctor and get the proper instructions on how to work. 
Verbal instructions can be forgotten due to lack of attention span. 
If you don't have a solution like switching to email instructions, it won't mean anything even if you know the name of the disease. 

That's the thing, if it's a disorder that's accumulated know-how on how to deal with it, even if it can't be cured, there's a lot of ways to do it, so that's a little bit of a relief. 

With ADHD, you have to understand how your head bugs out. 
And the only way to deal with it is to be proactive. 

Socializing... well... yeah. 

I've been a floater since I was a kid, and people have said things about me behind my back. 
I still don't know what's wrong with me or what I should have done differently. 
I used to be a weirdo, but it's hard when you're over 20. ...... haha ...... 

Lack of attention span 
Short-term memory weakness 
Poor input of information from the ear 
I have a hard time concentrating. 

What other diseases could these symptoms be other than ADHD? 

When a person withdraws from society and doesn't receive any information for a long period of time 
A person who used to be a normal person can become like that. 
The source is a former friend of mine from junior high school. 

She has always had ADHD. 
But since she started withdrawing, she can't remember things well. 

When I see my friends and talk to them, I can't pull information out of my head. 
It's like he has dementia. 

He's never seen a doctor, he's just self-diagnosed. 
I have this disorder, but I don't talk about it. 
Go get down on your knees and tell the people who are really suffering from ADHD. 

Not going to the hospital is out of the question, but I don't think you should tell anyone except people you really trust, like family members. 

I've been through so much bad shit in my life that I can't open up to people. 
It's obvious that the company doesn't understand such things 
There are people who choose not to tell for various reasons. 
It would be rude to say that it's stupid not to tell anyone, but that's exactly what people who are really struggling with it are doing. 

I have a friend from middle school like that. 
If you only look at his current condition, it smells pretty much like ADD, but he was a much more sane guy in middle school... 

Of course, there are cases where you can tell other people and turn things around. 
But such a case is rare. 
It's better to observe your surroundings before you come out easily.  


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