A thread you should see if you have ADHD and are job hunting. / #ADHD

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A thread you should see if you have ADHD and are job hunting.    #ADHD

Sad news: ADHD job hunter ruins group discussion. 

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, but it's a good idea. 

You can do it! 

I'm sure you can do it. 

What's the theme? 

What are your criteria for choosing a job? 
It depends on each person. 

If you show the objective and the criteria for obtaining the means to achieve it, you win. 
It's true that it's different for everyone, so you have to set it up well in the initial setup. 

What do you mean? 
Be specific. 

If you present a new axis of discussion there, you have a chance. 

I can't do that because I denied the whole theme. 

Why don't you set up a new theme? 
If they can't recover from even a single word, the people in the room are all incompetent. 

The guy who wanted to be in charge didn't say much after that. 
He's just a fucking idiot who reads what's written on the internet about GD measures. 
Not a shred of flexibility. 

It's the GD's fault if that's all they do. 

The first time the "leader" was so happy that he said, "My standards are..." at first. 

What's the point of arguing? 

I don't know. 
He was arguing like an idiot about which was more important, the company culture or the benefits. 
And when I told him it depends on the person, he just stopped talking. 

GD is a contest of logic and cooperation. 

I don't know if they really make liberal arts majors do this. 

>>I don't know... 
Too bad! 
I'm a science major. 
Well, it was a joint humanities and science class. 

Even science majors are sometimes allowed to apply if they're free to do so. 
I worked for a ceramic parts manufacturer. 

I also remember exposing my incompetence in the GD, where I was clearly the only one who was lower-ranked. 

They're asking "what's in it for you," so just tell them what you think. 
Then you can ask deeper questions about what others have said. 

I thought so, but then the guy who wanted to be in charge started saying, "Let's narrow it down to three," and we were arguing about what to put in and what not to put in. 
I thought that argument was stupid, so I said "to each his own". 

It's because people are different that the group decides the criteria. 
That's how a company works. 
If you think that's stupid, you should get a simple job. 

We all do. 
I know what I'm talking about. 
That's why it's childish. 

That's right. 

I like this. 

If some idiot is in charge, just mention the problem in the middle of the meeting and take over. 

He's an opposition-type person who just denies it and doesn't offer alternatives. 

Then say "think of a better way" or "do you really think that's the way to do it?" or "Do you really think that's the way to do it? 
If they ask for your opinion, you can just say, "That's your job. 

That's a good idea. 
It's fun to cut down those who want to be in charge. 

Keep up the good work and go make a lot of cuts. 
Give rejection letters to all the misguided, high-minded people out there. 

By the way, I've already been turned down by 10 companies. 

I'd like to have a discussion with them, but every company I entered didn't do it. 

It's not good that the opposition is finished. 
I think it's time to show your ability to develop something after you cut them off. 

I'm a communicator and don't talk much, but I've never failed. 

>>I've never failed. 
It's better not to talk. 
It's better than talking half-heartedly and freezing the place over. 

By the way, does this mean that other people besides me will fail too? 
That would be funny. 

Usually they want to be in charge and they drop you, but in the end it's HR's preference, so there's no right answer. 

>>I don't think it's right. 
Do you think it's a good thing to be a part of the team? 
If I were in HR, I'd just drop them with a "yuck". 
I'd also drop aspirants like me. 

We're having a discussion to hear what each person has to say, you idiot. 

The last time I was in a group discussion, 3 out of 7 people in the group were in leadership positions. 
I wonder if they all got in. 

>>I don't know if they all got in. 
I wonder if they think people who want to be in charge are that highly rated. 

I don't know how he presented it at the end. 

The person who wanted to be in charge said, "No..." and got in trouble, and the woman beside him said, "That's not the way to proceed," and went back. 
And then I made three announcements and that was it. 

This is a job-hunting a-hole. 

Some GDs want to be in charge, or they decide who's going to be the moderator first. 

It's stupid of the company to make a theme that has no answer. 

>>I'm not sure what the answer is, but I'm sure it's a good one. 
If you're in a career-track position, there are basically a lot of things in the job that don't have answers. 
I think the only jobs that have all the answers are really simple jobs. 

Basically, everyone's opinion is different, so you have to discuss and decide. 
If everyone agrees from the beginning, there's no need to discuss it. 
If you don't understand that premise, you'll continue to fall. 

Then what are you going to do? 
Tell us exactly how to do it, opposition type people. 

Then write down all the conditions. 

company culture 
Benefits and Welfare 
Job Description 
Education System 
This is what's up. 

No, I don't mean that. Tell me the terms of the discussion. 
How many minutes, is there a presentation at the end as a group, etc.? 
Is there anything else we should consider on the subject? 

Is that what you mean? 
I'm an aspie, so you're gonna have to write it down so I can understand it. 
10 minutes for thinking, 20 minutes for discussion, 5 minutes for presentation. 
I got a notepad, and the topic was written at the top. 
The end. 

I think the theme is so garbage that it's a problem on the company's side. 

The Japanese people themselves are terrible at discussion, so what's the point of having a GD? 

The organizers are too incompetent, even before the switch is stupid. 

No one told them to decide which opinion is right, but I think the organizers are crazy for going off on their own. 
I think he probably took a leaf out of the job-hunting manual that says you have to be the divider, and made a temp statement. 

>>I think he's crazy. 
I guess he couldn't decide where to land and went off the rails. 
And if someone like Yi touches it a little, it gets extinguished. 

I casually said, "It's a difficult subject, isn't it? and the rest of the guys were like, "Yeah, that's right! 
I got compliments on the feedback, so it's not just a matter of being in charge. 

I should have just said, "Since each person's reasons for applying are so subjective, why bother narrowing it down to just three? That would have been perfect. 

I didn't know there were such incompetents among those who wanted to be in charge. 
But I guess it's hard to narrow it down to something that's subjective. 

The grass is always greener on the grassy knoll. 

I passed the first exam as a timekeeper without any problems. 

The theme is so stupid! 
I wonder what they were thinking when they made the theme. 

I think the theme was more proper, but you just made a simplified interpretation of the criteria for choosing a job and made an aspirational comment. 

>>I think it's just a simplified interpretation of the criteria for choosing a job and an aspirational comment. 
No, it was written exactly like this on the paper I received. 
It said something like, "You have 10 minutes to summarize your thoughts and 20 minutes to discuss them. 

I had a GD once, but it was something like, "You own a store in a shopping district and a large supermarket opened nearby. What are you going to do about it? 
I was able to handle it, but it's really up to the individual, so you just have to pretend to be convinced and summarize the discussion. 

I graduated from high school and I don't know what GD is. 

>>I don't know what GD is. 
It's a group discussion. You form groups and discuss things. 

I think the theme was more specific than that, but I think you just made a simplified interpretation of the criteria for choosing a job and made an aspirational comment. 

I think we can narrow it down roughly, but what do you think? 

And then he tried to narrow it down to three. 
Company culture 
but to be honest, it seemed like a majority decision. 

If you ask people to give their answers in 20 minutes, it's going to be a majority decision. 
It's the company's fault for choosing such a theme. 

Don't worry about it. They just do it to cut corners. 

GD is definitely a cut-off point. 
It's a way to get rid of people who don't have reading comprehension skills or are extremely communicative. 
Only the itch and the dividers seem to fail.  


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