There are people who call themselves ADHD, but there are no people who call themselves ASD (Asperger’s)…? / #ADHD #ASD

    There are people who call themselves ADHD, but there are no people who call themselves ASD (Asperger's)...?     #ADHD #ASD
    Why is that? 
    It's very rare. 
    >>I don't know... 
    Is there? 
    I've only seen one person on twitter. 
    That's me. 
    To be honest, I think most of them have both. 
    They don't even know they have it, that's why they have ASD. 
    >>I've seen it before on twitter. 
    I thought I had adhd, but it turned out to be ASD. 
    It's you. 
    That's right. 
    Actually, there are people who call themselves "adhd" on Twitter, but there are no people who call themselves "Aspie". 
    If you do a user search for "Aspie" on Twitter, you'll get a lot of hits. 
    I used to call myself a concurrency person, but I'm just ADHD. 
    There's no benefit to being an ASD person. 
    The word "Aspie" has too much of a negative image. 
    >>I'm not sure. 
    I guess that's true. 
    >>I'm not a "hypochondriac". 
    No, ADHD is a big part of it. 
    adhd is kind of a yokel. 
    ASD has too much of an Aspie connotation to make a good impression. 
    I bet half of the people who call themselves ADHD are ASD. 
    HSP women are probably female Aspies. 
    ADHD traits can be seen as a natural goofy character, but ASD traits can be seen as just a bad personality, so people don't usually go out of their way to call themselves that. 
    Asperger's gives the worst impression. 
    This is how fashionable people with developmental disabilities think. 
    They don't even know they have it. 
    ADHD is excluded from society in high school and college, but Aspies are often highly educated. 
    I don't show it, but I think I have Asd because I get addicted to video games so much that I collapse after 2 days of no sleep, or I study for certifications for 10 hours straight. 
    >>I think I'm asd. 
    I think that's ADHD. 
    I'm obsessed with things. 
    I can make money with handmade goods I come up with, and it's easy for me to get certifications. 
    Aspies can't be cured, so it's not worth talking about. 
    In fact, there is no cure for Aspies, is there? 
    Asd is easy to understand because of the language delay at an early age. 
    If he doesn't speak after the age of 3, you should be suspicious. 
    I've been told I have a pervasive developmental disorder. 
    Nowadays, counselors come to preschools and kindergartens and tell them if there's anything suspicious. 
    It's better for the child to know from an early age. 
    I feel sorry for the adults who have developmental problems now. 
    I don't like trains, Kirby, or Pokemon, but I don't have a developmental disorder, do I? 
    I talked to a psychiatrist and he said he's sensitive to sound and obsessive. 
    I haven't always been sensitive to sound. 
    Too many people call themselves HSP. 
    I thought ASD meant you couldn't look people in the eye. 
    I look people in the eye when I listen to them. 
    >>I don't. 
    I'm afraid you'll catch me in the "I don't make eye contact" part. 
    I consciously make eye contact or pretend it's natural. 
    It's like I'm playing human. 
    >>I'm just trying to play human. 
    I can't even consciously try to look at them. 
    It's like looking directly into the sunlight. 
    You can't see at all? 
    >>I've been making eye contact with people since I was a kid. 
    I've been making eye contact with people since I was a kid, and I'm suspected of having ASD, so I don't know. 
    >>I don't know. 
    If he hasn't been diagnosed, then he's not an Aspie. 
    I went to a psychiatrist because I thought I had ADHD. 
    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, ADHD, and ASD.


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