Adult ADHD is never understood, is it? / #ADHD

    Adult ADHD is never understood, is it?
    Even normal people don't understand each other, and even people with ADHD don't understand each other. 
    But if you understand it, you can still fight it. 
    To others, we're just lazy idiots. They'll never understand us. 
    I think it's a very useful trait because it combines distraction with the ability to concentrate, so you only have to think about how to control your moods. 
    What are you talking about? 
    If you're not interested in something, you're at the pond level in terms of ability, memory, and concentration. 
    I don't want to do anything I'm not interested in, because I'm dying to do it. 
    If people around you told you to become an electric plug maniac, would you be willing to make the effort? 
    It's like you're under this much stress all the time in your daily life. 
    Well, if you start to get interested in it, you can become an "electric plug maniac. 
    How fun it would be to be a "what the heck is that? 
    You can get lost in things with no sense of time, or you can be distracted, but you can pay attention to things that other people don't notice, and I think that's useful in a sense if you use it well. 
    I wonder if Edison or Sakamoto Ryoma had ADHD? I've heard people say that, but I think you should understand your own characteristics and do things differently from other people. 
    If only I could find the electric plugs interesting. 
    But if your brain decides it's not interesting at the start, then you won't get into it at all. 
    And the aura of unwillingness will come out, and you'll be judged as unmotivated right away. 
    Sorry for the electric plug example. 
    If you think of an electric plug vaguely, it's not interesting, but if you think of the history, the materials, the people who developed it, the patents used, the ideas, and the technology used, it's not interesting. 
    If you think it's interesting, you win, don't you? 
    I could also conquer a lot of things if I could get to the point where basic actions are fun, like cutting a cutter with a ruler, or writing well, or arranging things neatly... 
    I don't want to be interested in things that I don't care about, and I can't think that I am. 
    If you really want them to be interested, it's the job of the people around you to do it. 
    But in reality, if you ask people around you to do that, they will say, "Don't be so picky" and that will be the end. 
    Don't worry, no one will make you do it when you grow up. 
    I think you're mistakenly thinking you have ADHD. 
    Or that you're giving up before you've overcome something that can be overcome by habituation over time. 
    I feel like you're giving up on overcoming it by naming it a disease. 
    I think you have to think of a way to fight with the weapons you are given because you have to live with whatever it is. 
    That's where you're giving up. 
    It's absolutely necessary to understand yourself accurately. 
    Who wants to do something they're not interested in? 
    I don't like it when people tell me what to do. 
    I wonder if I've used distractions to shift my interests and as a result I'm interested in areas I didn't like... 
    It's important to know you have ADHD. 
    It's not about giving up, it's about knowing what's going on. 
    If you don't know what's going on, you won't be able to take the right steps. 
    If you go to your parents for advice, they'll say, "You're just lazy! Don't blame it on your illness! Don't take it easy on me!" They got so mad at me... 
    I'm an Aspie Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei, but there are so many threads about developmental disorders these days. I don't know if it's because people are becoming more aware of it or what... 
    >>I'm not sure if it's just a few people. 
    It's just some of them. 
    I think it would be fun to have a wireless electric plague.


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