Girls with Asperger’s are more likely to be sexually victimized… / #ASD #Asperger

    Girls with Asperger's are more likely to be sexually victimized...     #ASD #Asperger
    I don't know if it's fair to call it sexual victimization. 
    In this case, there is a miscommunication, so it's not a simple victim-perpetrator relationship. 
    Or maybe it's just that they're not very good at communicating, so it's easy for them to take advantage of you and make a sucker out of you. 
    What's the point of making them feel like it! 
    Isn't it not cool to be rejected and still be insistent? 
    I don't think they know you're rejecting them. 
    It's obvious he's rejecting you. 
    If I came to the hotel and he refused me, I'd probably bite back a little. 
    If he doesn't know she's refusing him by looking at his face, then he's an aspie. 
    Since he's writing to a woman, I think her expression is subjective. 
    Whether she actually looks like this or not is another matter altogether. 
    I see. 
    I guess you're saying I shouldn't have an ambiguous attitude. 
    If there is a miscommunication, and the woman's subjective view is that she doesn't like it, but the man's view is that it's a GO sign, then it's not simply a victim/victim relationship. 
    I think there's some fault in the tendency for non-aspiring women to act a little uncomfortable. 
    Well, it's almost impossible for the absolute majority to act with consideration for the minority, so it's probably inevitable. 
    I'm just making sure, but this is because I'm not good at considering other people's feelings. 
    I'm not good at thinking about other people's feelings, so I can't do things like avoid misunderstandings because I don't want to be expected to do so. 
    Aspies are the ones who don't have such advanced communication skills. 
    Especially if you are passive or isolated. 
    Also, they tend to be bad at exchanging advanced meta-messages and non-verbal messages, such as romantic tactics. 
    Most of the Fuzoku-joshi are Aspies. 
    On the other hand, an Aspie man cannot be an insensitive, hard-of-hearing, novel protagonist... 
    I can't be an Aspie.


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