I went to a psychiatrist because I thought I had ADHD. / #ADHD

    I went to a psychiatrist because I thought I had ADHD.
    I knew it was ADHD. 
    I don't know whether to be happy or sad. 
    By the way, I'm inattentive. 
    That's great. 
    It's worse to be told that you're not sick, that you're just a clunker. 
    >>I'm not. 
    But the fact that you're developmentally disabled, that's just not nice. 
    Did they ask you about your past? 
    They called me a mama. 
    Well, it's better than just being called an incompetent normal person, isn't it? 
    If anything, it means that there's hope for normal people if they work hard enough. 
    If you have a developmental disability, it's a brain problem, and there's nothing you can do about it. 
    Either way, it's sad, but it's normal to be able to do something about it. 
    I mean, developmental disabilities can work, too, depending on the job. 
    That's good for you. 
    I went to a psychiatrist, but I'm just a normal person who is self-defeating. 
    >>I'm just a normal person who's self-destructive. 
    I was the same way. 
    I was told I wasn't depressed, just a sociopath. 
    I went to a psychiatric hospital with my company's industrial physician. 
    I'd like to go there, too. 
    I want to be certified as a self-defeating healthy person. 
    By the way, I'm going to be tested for ASD next. 
    If I had ASD too, I'd be a real piece of shit, wouldn't I? 
    ADHD is pretty well-liked, but ASD is a real throw away for a human being. 
    That's the devil. 
    >>I've got a whole book on Aspies and stuff. 
    I heard that ASD is a combination of Aspies and other things. 
    Is it such a weird disease? 
    ADHD is just a normal person who's stupid to the point of overdoing it. 
    ASD is a different thing, like being called an alien. 
    ADHD is better for private relationships, ASD is better for work relationships. 
    If you get a notebook, you'll be in easy mode. 
    You're getting a notebook? 
    I heard that if you have ASD, you'll get it, but if you only have ADHD, they're very strict about it. 
    I don't know if that's true. 
    What about work? 
    I'm really curious. 
    >>I'm a freelancer 😌. 
    I'm a freelancer. 
    But I hardly work at all. 
    You can keep blaming your disability and running away from what you're going through, you little fish. 
    How do you get diagnosed for something like this? 
    I'm not sure if it's a good idea to go to a psychiatrist and tell them I want to be tested for ADHD? 
    That's fine. 
    If a sibling has a developmental disorder, is it more likely that you also have a developmental disorder than a sibling who does not have a developmental disorder? 
    50% is inherited, so yes. 
    Yes, because the parents are more likely to have the factor in the first place. 
    It is also common for the whole family to be developmental. 
    Yes, that's true. 
    Even if there's nothing congenital, it's easy to have developmental disorder like symptoms due to environmental factors. 
    ADHD is a fatal disorder for workers who can't remember the instructions of people they don't like. 
    I'm not interested in what the person I don't like is saying -> I can't concentrate -> I can't remember 
    I wonder if it's something like that? I don't know. 
    >> I know it's my experience, but it's subconscious. 
    My experience is that I subconsciously block out information I'm not interested in. 
    I make 120,000 a month on my pension and 2 part-time jobs a week. 
    I want to live on this for the rest of my life. 
    From elementary school to university, I was always asked, "Don't you think it's someone else's problem? It's about you, isn't it?" And "I'm talking to you, right?" I'm talking to you!" to everyone I meet. 
    I don't mean it that way at all, and I'm trying to listen seriously, but I guess that's just a side effect of inattentiveness. 
    I was told this a lot from kindergarten to elementary school. 
    I think it's more like a defense mechanism. 
    I think it's more of a defense mechanism to keep a distance as if it's someone else's problem so that you don't get hurt. 
    I don't want to take it seriously. 
    Driving school student: "Driving is so difficult! 
    Driving school lady: "Yes, it's too late to turn the steering wheel back! Look farther away! You can't help it if you look at the meter! 
    You have to turn the steering wheel with your upper hand, not your lower hand! The steering wheel only moves 90 degrees with your lower hand! 
    W "It's really hard, should I practice with a racing game at the arcade? 
    The lady said, "That doesn't make any sense! Please concentrate more on your driving school time! 
    You won't get your license if you don't! 
    This is a symptom of a complete hatasho... 
    Are there any of you developmental guys, Tommo? 
    I think it's just one hand. 
    I'm like this, but I have two tommos. 
    If you don't have any, I think it's over for you. 
    I had one, but I haven't heard from him in about 5 years. 
    In other words, he's not here. 
    He was around, but I didn't really care about the relationship, so it was almost like a reset. 
    I mean, the internet was the best distance for me.


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