Concurrent use of ADHD medications “Concerta” and Strattera. Side effects may increase “aggression” in some patients… / #ADHD

    Concurrent use of ADHD medications "Concerta" and Strattera. Side effects may increase "aggression" in some patients... 
    Strattera works well as a single agent, but it's not usually used in combination with Concerta. 
    It's not Concerta that makes it more potent, it's Strattera's aggressiveness. 
    Strattera's original norad is what Concerta produces, and if it produces dopamine, it won't work as well. 
    I've had to deal with the police on Strattera... 
    It's like the opposite of what it's supposed to do. 
    You mean aggression? 
    Can you tell me how it worked for you, if you don't mind me asking? 
    This thread seems to be about people taking Concerta and Strattera together, for that matter. 
    Just reading this, I don't know how to use Concerta and Strattera together for me. 
    I didn't even feel anything aggression-like on Strattera, but you had someone in an adult clinical trial who was divorced because of DV to his family. 
    I wonder if the norad secretion won't become a stimulant effect successfully with a single drug.
    I knew Concerta and Strattera were a bad combination... 
    My husband is on it for ADHD, and we're currently using it with Strattera to switch to Concerta. 
    I'm scared he's going to lose his temper like crazy. 
    He says he can't control it. 
    I'm wondering if Concerta's stimulant effect might be enough to keep him from zoning out when he drinks milk. 
    Maybe I should try it with the Strattera. 
    I'm just saying, if he's on Concerta, he shouldn't be on Strattera... 
    Either way, there's more disadvantages than advantages to taking them together. 
    If it's not forbidden to use them together, why are you making up your own rules... 
    Because it's clearly a side effect of Strattera that's making people more aggressive, and they're sticking around. 
    I mean, I'm sure there are a few people who follow the prescription order of Strattera to Concerta, but not many who use them in combination. 
    Uh, I'm on the switch from Strattera to Concerta in combination. 
    I'm embarrassed to say that since I started taking Concerta 
    I fart a lot. And it smells terrible. 
    Is there such a side effect? 
    I'm afraid it's so bad that I might not be able to work if it continues. 
    It is possible because it affects the gastrointestinal tract. It can make you constipated. 
    Did you change the intestines or anti-nausea medicine when you switched? That could be a factor. 
    You can get a prescription for Biofermin. It's more affordable than buying it at the pharmacy and your insurance will pay for it. 
    Also, take Gasmotin. 
    Also, take a lot of fiber. Easy Fiber is easy. 
    If you can, get it out in the morning or at night while you're home. 
    I had an attention disorder that didn't respond well to Concerta. 
    I have an acquaintance who calls me and brags about how Concerta has improved his life. 
    Can I get mad about this? 
    Increase the dosage. 
    Or go on strike. 
    >> strike. 
    Sto >> Improve working memory >> Improve self-control, attention, memory, organizing ability 
    Con >> Improved drivers & clock up >> Improved operating speed, freezes, longer stamina 
    I am now able to do my work and private life in order, not in a disorganized way. 
    Whenever there is a problem with my computer, I don't get excited and scream like I used to do. 
    He is able to solve problems quickly and calmly. 
    I can solve the problem quickly and calmly. 
    Are you using the same system? 
    Yes, at first my face itched and I went up to 2 or 3 tablets and it went up too much. 
    Now I'm on one pill and the side effects are almost non-existent. 
    I reduced the strattera on my own because I am afraid of the side effects (painful). 
    Con 18, Str 80. 
    Con has a half-life of 12-13 hours. 
    I feel the actual duration of effect is longer than that, so I take a break if it goes up too much. 
    The str is working more like a suppressant. 
    If the hyperactivity is severe, I think the str dominance is better. 
    The meds only improve transmission. 
    If you are going to use drugs, you need to take proper nutrition. 
    It's also important to get proper nutrition and live a regular life. 
    So far I've been taking 80 mg of Strattera a day and 
    It's worked pretty well, except for procrastination and inattention. 
    I'm not sure if it was a side effect, but I had auditory sensitivity and tiredness. 
    Then I went from 80 mg of Strattera to 18 mg of Concerta, and it worked pretty well, except for procrastination and inattention. 
    The auditory sensitivity and tiredness went away, and my emotions became more subdued, but I was still inattentive and procrastinating. 
    But it still didn't help with the inattention and procrastination.


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