A female college student with ADHD reflects on her recent failures and what to do about them. / #ADHD

    A female college student with ADHD reflects on her recent failures and what to do about them. 
    I'm so depressed because I made a train transfer mistake this morning and didn't make it to first period on time. 
    I'm going to write down as many mistakes, reflections and countermeasures as I can remember 
    I forgot to close the cap of a plastic bottle and put it in my bag. 
    I interpreted "Due next week" as "Due the week after next" and failed to submit the report. 
    I have not forgotten something in the past week. 
    Gave extra change at a checkout job. 
    I dropped my electronic dictionary carelessly and broke it. 
    I shouldn't have made this thread when I'm having a hard time remembering each and every mistake I made. 
    I know it's late and I'm just talking about myself, but if you're not annoyed, please wait. 
    Is this after the fact? 
    I see. Write slowly. 
    I'm sorry. Thank you. 
    It's like watching me back in the day. 
    I dropped out of college because I had an interpersonal phobia and a stutter, and I was a hikiker. 
    I had trouble concentrating on what I was saying, so my friends would say "you're not listening to me" several times. This was the most painful thing for me. 
    I didn't realize that my part-time job schedule and circle schedule were double-booked, so I hurriedly called the circle leader on the day of the event. 
    I made the same mistake twice in the last month. 
    I lost my car key and had a big fuss. (I lost my car keys and made a big fuss (I just put them in a different place in my bag). 
    Similar to me, I ended up dropping out of school because there were too many things that people around me couldn't do that I could take for granted. 
    I don't want to drop out of college: ...... 
    I'm always late, and I already have a stack of absences, but I enjoy my classes. 
    It's really hard to take things for granted. 
    When I walk, I trip, when I turn, I hit my foot on the corner, and when I try to drink water, I knock over my cup. 
    I've knocked over a glass of water more than once or twice when trying to drink it. 
    You're just a sloppy, healthy person. 
    That's what happens when you don't get enough sleep. 
    I've been diagnosed, but I think it's mild. 
    I feel like lack of sleep is a contributing factor, so I'm trying to get a good night's sleep every day. 
    Okay, I'll try my best to write this down. 
    I can't do what my family asks me to do. I can't do what my family asks me to do. I easily forget even to press one button on the washing machine. 
    I try to write down what I'm told" - "I lost my notepad! 
    I'll lose my notepad, so I'll use a sticky note" - "The sticky note came off and fell off! I don't remember anything!" 
    You forget to write things down in an instant, don't you? 
    That's it. 
    You're about to write something down, and you think, "Oh, that's important, I'm going to write it down. 
    "So, what do I write down?" And you're like, "Well, what do I write down? 
    Only then do I realize that I forgot what I was going to write down, and my mind goes blank. 
    Before I know what to write, I suddenly see something or hear a sound, and my attention goes to it, and then I go on to something new. 
    Sounds like coughing and sneezing are pretty detrimental. 
    It's easy to get distracted. 
    I can't even get a part-time job. 
    It's so hard to get a part-time job. 
    But if I don't, I can't pay for school or medicine. 
    My employer is very kind, and the manager is very understanding, so he gives me some consideration. 
    If you think about it, if you put a note on a sticky note and stick it somewhere, it's bound to come off. 
    You're lucky that people are nice to you. 
    Yeah, I'm glad there are so many kind people around. 
    There's a counselor at the university, and some teachers will allow you to record if you explain the situation. 
    The hardest part is getting my family to understand. 
    I'm starting to have a hard time remembering, so I'm going to have to figure out a way to deal with it. 
    I forgot to close the cap of the plastic bottle and put it in my bag. 
    →Æ Avoid drinking from plastic bottles and use a water bottle with a button to open and close it. 
    When it's unavoidable, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'll confirm it out loud. 
    I interpreted "Due next week" as "Due the week after next" and failed to submit my report. 
    →If you have a friend nearby, ask him/her to check with you. 
    If not, check with your professor or teacher. 
    I haven't forgotten anything in the past week. 
    →I'll think about it later because I'm too out of the loop. 
    I give extra change at my part-time job as a cashier. 
    →If it's not a busy time of the day, ask the customer to check too. 
    I'll figure out what to do when it's busy later. 
    Carelessly dropping an electronic dictionary and breaking it 
    →Æ Be conscious of picking up an object after looking at it with your eyes without moving your hand first (I wouldn't have any trouble if I could do this) 
    Because I can't concentrate on listening, my friends say to me several times, "You're not listening to me, are you? 
    →I do my best to listen. I do my best to listen. I try to have important conversations in a quiet place as much as possible. 
    I didn't realize that my part-time job schedule and circle schedule were double-booked, so I hurriedly contacted the circle leader on the day of the meeting. 
    →Do not put off writing your schedule in your notebook. Next, look at your notebook before (and while) making plans. 
    The next time you lose your car keys and get into a big fuss. (He had just put them in a different place in his bag than usual.) 
    (He just put them in a different place in his bag.) → Put them in a fixed place. Make spares if you can. 
    I can't think of any countermeasures, like talking about buttons on the washing machine or notepad sticky notes. 
    Keep a whiteboard in a prominent place in the room. 
    And a smartphone app that shows appointments in the notification bar. 
    I wasn't sure if I'd buy a whiteboard, so I'll get one at a hundred bucks. 
    I'd be glad if you could tell me specifically what kind of smartphone apps you have. 
    Remain on line? I use it when I need to be reminded. 
    I'm trying to get into the habit of living in a certain cycle. 
    Sometimes I forget something when the cycle changes. 
    >>I'm not sure if it's a habit or not, but it's a good idea. 
    I've got to get into the habit. 
    I guess it's just hard to get to that point. 
    By the way, I'm a freshman, and I think it's partly because it's only been two months since I started my new life. 
    If you live at home, ask for help as much as you can. 
    If you live alone, it's not good. 
    I've been wanting to live alone because it's too hard to fit into the family's lifestyle and routine. 
    I don't know if I should stop him. 
    I forgot I was making boiled eggs, and I ran out of water, and the sound of the eggs exploding made me realize... 
    That's scary. 
    I'd be too scared to leave the stove while cooking. 
    I sometimes leave the stove on too. 
    I switched to a stove with an overheat protector. 
    I'm always saying "Sorry, I forgot" and the cold eyes of my family pierce me. ...... 
    I didn't know you could put that feature on! I heard good things! 
    If you have a stove with Si sensor, it will turn off the fire on its own. 
    A stove with the middle out like this. 
    I'm sorry, I forgot" is a common phrase, and the cold eyes of my family pierce me. ...... 
    You can add a feature like that! Good to hear! 
    I'll buy the whiteboard for now. 
    Now if I can just get the messy room tidied up enough to make me feel calm.  
    You forget to use a whiteboard. 
    Stop it ...... Stop it ...... 
    For the past month I feel like I've been saying, "I'm gonna clean up my room today!" I feel like I've been saying that for the past month. 
    I never get anything done and it's so hot in my room I can't even stay in there for 30 minutes. 
    I wish I had an air conditioner in my room! 
    I've been living like this my whole life, but I wonder what will happen when I start working. 
    I wonder if I'll be able to work at a company. 
    I can't even think about the future, but it bothers me. 
    Oh, that's right, I just remembered another mistake I made. 
    I'm sorry to be so crude, but I forgot to wear a bra when I went out. 
    I guess I'll carry underwear with me now: ...... 
    I don't think I've done enough to clean my body... 
    Thanks to you, I was able to wash my hair and body properly by the time I was in middle school. 
    I often go to bed without drying my hair. 
    I just can't take care of my hair. 
    I didn't realize how hard college life is. 
    To be honest, I may have underestimated it. 
    But I don't want to drop out. ...... 
    How far is the school? 
    It takes me about 2 hours to go to school. 
    Is it too far? 
    >>I'm not sure. 
    I've had students who went to school at home, but they didn't have a 2 hour commute. 
    Is it in a rural area? 
    It's in a rural area. 
    The nearest station is too far away to begin with. ...... 
    To be honest, going to and from school is the most tiring part of the day, and I think it also makes my butt heavy. I'm lazy by nature. 
    But that doesn't mean I can't move. 
    It would be best if I could go to bed early, but it's hard. 
    It's not a matter of effort, it's a matter of perseverance. 
    It's frustrating, but I understand. 
    I can't explain it well, but anyway, it's very difficult. 
    In the Kanto area, if you go from Kanagawa to Tokyo in 2 hours, you can go to Saitama and Chiba. 
    No way, two hours is such a big time ...... 
    I'd be exhausted just getting to and from school. 
    I'd like to try Concerta, have you used it? 
    >>I'd like to try Concerta. 
    I'm on Strattera right now. 
    When they upped my meds, the side effects were so strong I couldn't go to school. 
    I just got it lowered the other day. 
    Were the side effects too strong? 
    I'm a college student taking Concerta. 
    I'm less inattentive, but it doesn't help with the procrastination. 
    And the side effects are huge. 
    >>I'm in college and I'm taking Concerta. 
    I hope we're both doing well in college. 
    I didn't know Concerta had such bad side effects. 
    I guess there is no magic pill that can alleviate all the symptoms. 
    I've lost my appetite and have trouble sleeping. 
    If I take too much, I get irritable and nauseous. 
    I'm starting to think that the most important thing is to get into a good rhythm (not that I can say that, as I'm still a night owl). 
    I've only been taking Strattera, but I know what it's like to lose your appetite. 
    I've been taking it for about a month and I've lost about 5 pounds. 
    I know - I need to get my rhythm in order ...... 
    I have ADHD too! 
    I'd love to have a partner who understands it. 
    I want a partner who understands my ADHD, but most of the time it's just a guy. 
    Whatever the case may be... 
    >>I'm not sure I want a partner. 
    I'd like a partner who understands my ADHD. 
    Women with ADHD are very popular, it's well known. 
    Male ADHD is miserable, though. 
    I thought most of them were careless and cute at first. 
    >>I don't think it's cute at all... 
    I don't think it's cute at all... 
    I'm not sure if I'd be popular if I was ....... 
    I don't care if I'm not popular, I just want to be normal. 
    I've basically given up. 
    I've basically given up, but when I see someone of my own kind, I think... maybe I'd like to go out with them. 
    Sorry, I went to stop the alarm clock. 
    I'm going to go get ready for school. 
    Thanks again for listening! 
    I'll probably drop the thread, but in case I don't, I'll come back. 
    I'll try my best today! 
    Oh well... 
    Good luck!


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