I panic when given instructions while working….sounds like ADHD, please help. / #ADHD

    I panic when given instructions while working....sounds like ADHD, please help.
    Can you recommend a clinic in Tokyo? 
    I panic when I'm given instructions while working... I'm in customer service, so it bothers customers and co-workers. Also, I make a lot of careless mistakes in office work,... 
    ,, ←Is this also a symptom of ADHD? 
    I don't know. When I'm feeling down, I type ←. 
    I have ADHD (diagnosed). 
    I'm a diagnosed ADHD sufferer, and I frequently type ",,," 
    What do you do on a daily basis? And what about your job? 
    Gymnastics. Anyway, many people with adhd have stiff bodies and poor spinal fluid circulation. 
    That makes them easily foggy and inattentive. 
    As for work, I work at a library as a contractor. 
    The salary is low. 
    What do you do on a daily basis? And what about your job? 
    The longest job I've ever had was working on a factory line for about 2 years. 
    I was fired after 3 months because my picking job was so inaccurate. 
    I've had other jobs but quit after 3-4 months. 
    I'm thinking ACDC, but I'm desperate for help. 
    You'll be swinging vertically for the rest of your life. 
    ABCD individual, HABD individual or HBCD individual. 
    Which one to use? 
    I'm really struggling with this.... I'm really struggling... I make too many careless mistakes, misplace things, and panic too much. 
    Even if I take medication, adhd is still adhd. 
    You have to be prepared to live in misery for the rest of your life. 
    I'm adhd too, so I understand. 
    What kind of work do you do now? It's really hard... 
    If it's just panic, I've heard that Concerta can help, so you can get a prescription for that. 
    But be careful, there are many hypocritical doctors who treat Concerta like a stimulant. 
    If they refuse to prescribe it, try another clinic. 
    Can you refer me to a developmental disabilities support center or a health center? Anyway, I have my first appointment on Saturday. 
    Upload a picture of your room! 
    I've been working on Danshari recently, and all I have in my room is a futon and a desk. But I can't clean up the desk because there is a mountain of stuff on it. 
    I have ADHD, so I know what you mean. 
    It's not something you can get rid of by taking medication. 
    But I can expect some self-imposed effect that I should be a little better because I've taken the medication. 
    I see from your comments that you have a job that lasted for two years. 
    That means there are jobs out there that you can do. 
    You just have to find the right job. 
    Also, you have to make your co-workers understand you as a person of character. 
    I don't know, line work was boring, but it was great for my mental health! 
    I tried to resist sales and customer service, but it really didn't work out. 
    I tried to fight it in sales and customer service, but it really didn't work out. But in consignment sales, I could do whatever I wanted and there was no paperwork, so I lasted for 9 months. ←I guess that's the point. 
    Give me some Concerta, please. 
    If you have ADHD, you probably forgot that I made this thread.


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