ADHD is a condition of impulsivity that causes people to say things they are not supposed to say. / #ADHD

    ADHD is a condition of impulsivity that causes people to say things they are not supposed to say.
    In other words, "gibberish. 
    This is one of the causes of communicable diseases. 
    If you try to force yourself into a pattern, you will be branded as someone who can only respond according to a manual or someone who can't read the air. 
    If you want to improve your communicability, don't try to force yourself into conversation, because it will be counterproductive. 
    Rather, you may need "the art of restraining your speech. 
    Strattera will help you control your impulsivity, so it will be easier to control your speech. 
    But, never forget to say hello, call, and thank you. 
    They are very important in communication. 
    Gaffes can be made on the Internet, including in posts, but the Internet allows you to see things objectively and visually to a certain extent, so you can make sure you're not making a mistake. 
    But, when you are on the Internet, you can look at it objectively and say, "Oops, this is a bad idea," or "I shouldn't do that right now. 
    It is always difficult for me to restrain my speech in conversation, and the situation when I do so and the phrases of the words do not easily stick in my head after I get home. 
    I sometimes find it hard to get the situation and the phrase out of my head after I get home and repeat it in a whisper like echolalia. 
    Sometimes I can sense the signs of gibberish in the topic itself or in the flow of the conversation, and I can calmly control myself, but other times I realize I've misspoken immediately afterward and regret it. 
    Sometimes I realize I've misspoken and regret it immediately after I say it, and sometimes I probably don't even realize I've misspoken. 
    Since I became an adult, I have been able to detect the signs of gibberish and let the words that come to mind pass through the detoxification filter somewhat more often. 
    I, too, had severe flashbacks & mood swings like the last line of 14. 
    When I took Strattera, these symptoms decreased dramatically. 
    This effect alone is better than any other drug I have ever taken. 
    However, after 3 months of taking it, it doesn't seem to have any effect on my attention span, which is the most important thing. 
    I'm not sure of the effect at all, so I had to stop once. 
    But it's been a while since I've been here, and I definitely feel like I've lost a lot less gibberish. 
    My parents and others used to get mad at me all the time, "You say too many words! I haven't had that lately. 
    I had the blood test done at my last visit, so I'll get the results next time. 
    If it's nothing, I'm still going to ask to restart the medication. 
    My procrastination and disorganization haven't gotten any better, though. 
    I know. 
    Procrastination, disorganization, lost and found, and screw-ups haven't decreased. 
    (Or we're in the busiest time of the year for screw-ups, and as usual, they're happening more and more frequently, and the mortar and pestle room is getting smaller and smaller). 
    On the other hand, I am watching the situation without worrying about it. 
    I am there. 
    I feel like I am able to watch even when I screw up, so I'm not sure what people think of me. 
    I may be a bit subtle (they may think I should be more flustered or something). But from my point of view, it's definitely 
    I am more relaxed than before. I can think about how to deal with the mistakes I've made thanks to my ability to be calm. 
    Decreased libido is a real pain. 
    I don't feel good at all when I masturbate. 
    I started taking Strattera and now I know why I'm stable. 
    I'm a woman, but it's because I've lost all libido. 
    It was good for me to be able to be wise all the time, which was good for me because I'm impulsive, apparently. 
    Other than that, though, I've been able to read more books, I've had a slight decrease in cross-drinking, and I've had a lot fewer flashbacks. 
    It hasn't helped with procrastination at all. 
    I still make a lot of gaffes and often feel depressed after I get home. 
    I am the same way. 
    I still have a love affair with it. 
    I think it may have calmed down a bit since I started taking Strattera. 
    I guess my brain is low on dopamine. 
    I wonder if it's because my brain is low in dopamine that I seek out crushes T_T 
    I think I only fall in love with the wrong kind of person for the thrill and tension. 
    That's exactly how I ruined my life. 
    If it's a sexual urge or a desire for stimulation and it doesn't turn out to be a big deal, it's still a good thing, isn't it? As long as you have contraception. I don't know if this is the right way to put it, but.... 
    For example, even if you are looking for stimulation, it is much better than committing a series of misdemeanors such as shoplifting or stealing. 
    Even the smartest person can fail because of sexual desire. 
    Even the smartest person can fail because of their sexuality. 
    Strattera's decrease in libido is not a side effect but a benefit in avoiding such a situation. 
    Does Strattera work on motivation? 
    It has very little effect on procrastination. 
    It's completely useless unless you take it and shuck it. 
    I've been running the same laundry through the washing machine over and over for about a week now and can't hang it up. 
    I've been taking Strattera and it's helped me so much with my ability to think and organize at work. 
    But when the summer heat hits, I get summer heat exhaustion, mild heat stroke, and my brain is morbidly inoperable. 
    Of course, the meds are no longer working and I'm having a very hard time. 
    Rest assured. Neither Strattera nor Otsukansan will help in the face of this record-breaking heat wave. 
    Even the regular types (except those who are heat tolerant) are helpless before this heat. 
    I knew the loss of libido was for real. 
    And then there's the thirst, which is a real pain in the ass. 
    I guess it's working for a change. For now, do something about the price... 


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