Is ADHD a problem driving a car? / #ADHD

    Is ADHD a problem driving a car? 
    I'm diagnosed, but I got my motorcycle license. 
    If the media picks up on it in a weird way, like epilepsy, I'm stuffed. 
    I thought the US license would list ADHD. 
    So that could be the trend. Driving jobs will be impossible. 
    Seriously, though, it's a bit obvious that I'm not suited for driving. 
    I don't think it's necessarily true that I'm not suited for driving. I've been driving motorcycles and cars for more than 10 years 
    I have never had a serious accident. 
    I've been driving for 18 years with a manual transmission and I can drive just fine. 
    No problem. 
    I drive everyday, but I just barely passed the aptitude test when I got my license. 
    I don't know if it matters. 
    I feel like ADHD is less of a problem for people who can drive, because even if they get fired at worst, they can still get a driver job. 
    Drivers are screwed up because of distractions, right? 
    On the other hand, I'm extremely careful because I'm afraid of making mistakes. 
    Not while talking. It breaks my concentration. 
    I think it's bad. 
    I've had a few near misses. 
    The navigation system stifles me when I talk, and I go into paranoid mode while driving. 
    I'm thinking that eventually there's going to be a fuss about ADHD getting their licenses back and I'm going to start feeling small in the shoulders. 
    Don't worry, all cars will be self-driving before then. 
    I'd say the fastest they'll start appearing in the general public is around 2020. 
    Same here. 
    Be careful when you drive. 
    I can listen to the radio, but not talk. 
    I'm a bit of an Aspie, I like cars a lot, but I can't drive at all. 
    I'm a nerd. 
    I like Gundam MS, Votoms ATs, and military aircraft. 
    I like Gundam MS, Votoms ATs, and military aircraft. 
    But in real life, I'm a paper driver with a limited AT. 
    I probably can't even drive a car now. 
    I've decided not to get a driver's license because I don't want to be in an accident. 
    What's more, I've decided to quit my job. 
    I decided to quit my part-time job that I had been doing for 10 months. 
    I couldn't stand the nagging. 
    I'm not sure about the stock market. 
    I'm pathologically bad at remembering directions. 
    But I thought about being a route delivery driver (while listening to music, niconico videos, etc. of course) but my relatives did their best to stop me. 
    I'm telling them about the driving school, but every time I go, I almost lose my temper. 
    I usually don't call someone I've only known for a couple of minutes a day "you" when I first meet them. 
    I know I have a bad memory and attention deficit, but I don't want to go to that place anymore.


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