I have ADHD and have taken supplements for ADHD vs. / #ADHD

    I have ADHD and have taken supplements for ADHD vs.
    I used to be late and forget things over 5 times a month, but now I rarely make either mistake. 
    I used to be criticized by people at my part-time job for making too many mistakes and not being able to follow procedures, but now I rarely make mistakes and can follow procedures perfectly. As a result, he has risen to the ranks of the workforce. 
    Before, he was a mental and physical wreck due to various mistakes and failures, and his communication skills were poor, but now he's extremely lively and his communication skills have improved a lot. 
    This is amazing. Seriously, it's half of what it used to be. 
    Concerta regular 
    >>I'm not a drug addict. 
    That's a drug. 
    What's it called? 
    Bacopa or ferulic acid. 
    Maybe you don't have ADHD, maybe it's a placebo effect. 
    Concerta, Strattera, etc. are drugs that force you to cut off your multi-faceted interests. 
    So you're actually right about the blurring. 
    I'm going to die early. 
    This is a timely thread for me, as I suspected ADHD and gave up my part-time job. 
    I recommend it. 
    I'm glad to hear that. 
    I wish I could have gotten through it with a note or something, but I guess it was the only way to go. 
    Thanks a lot. 
    Let me know when you get it. 
    I'm also hyperactive and easily distracted. 
    I think Rhodiola is good for hyperactivity. 
    That's the spasiba effect. 
    It's ayurveda. 
    Ayurvedic herbs are very effective. 
    You're just supposed to forget that you made a mistake. 
    I was taking Concerta, but I didn't feel like it was working at all. 
    I didn't have any side effects, maybe it was a low dose? 
    Concerta or Strattera? 
    I've been taking Concerta, but the effects aren't consistent. 
    Concerta is more effective, but it's harder to get and has more side effects. 
    If you take anabolic steroids, it will cure ADHD and make your muscles stronger. 
    I made a mistake... that's funny... maybe I should take two more pills today... 
    Oh my God, I made another mistake... today... 
    Take 36mm Concerta. 
    It'll make you cum. 
    There's a guy in my office who's like this. 
    He makes a lot of careless mistakes. 
    >>He's a total bum. 
    He's in the same company as that guy. 
    We're all covering for her. 
    She's a girl. 
    I've been diagnosed with ADHD, but it's very mild, and I've got Aspies in there, so that's tougher. 
    I took two 27mg Concerta pills in one gulp and it didn't help much. 
    My heart was racing and I was soooo lazy when the pills wore off. 
    I feel like I have mild ADHD too. 
    When I'm in a hurry, I tend to forget things not twice, but four times, and then forget something else. 
    In my case, I was also suffering from severe depression due to 2 o'clock disorder. 
    Then I heard that Concerta also suppresses depression, so I took 36 mm. 
    I can be invincible while I'm on it. 
    When I'm distracted by something, I forget about everything else. 
    Especially when I'm in a flurry of activity. 
    When I was in school, I was a member of the Japanese archery club and almost shot my friend five times. 
    I wrecked a car in driving school. 
    I can now recognize the shape of the object at the moment I hit it. 
    Forgetting my shift at my part-time job (30 times in total) 
    I don't know about inattention. 
    I'm mainly impulsive. 
    I heard that even in the U.S., when children diagnosed with ADHD are put on medication, their school performance suddenly improves. 
    ADHD is rather easy to medicate, and there are some data that show that about 80% of ADHD patients get better with medication. 
    In my case, I was so inattentive that I almost killed another person. 
    When I drive a car or play sports, I'm hyper vigilant. 
    I'm ADHD-ish, but how do you determine that? 
    Go to a psychiatrist or psychosomatician. 
    Concerta will help. 
    I don't think that medication is going to change anything. 
    It's not like sugar or something. It's probably congenital.


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