ADHD woman: “When I bravely confided in her that I have ADHD… I can’t stop crying” – 20,000 ADHDers sympathize. / #ADHD

    ADHD woman: "When I bravely confided in her that I have ADHD... I can't stop crying" - 20,000 ADHDers sympathize. 
    Well, I know how you feel. 
    It seems so black! 
    I have a developmental disability, but I've changed into a "person who can eat". 
    I'm sure the tears will stop. 
    I'm a healthy person because my mom won't let me get diagnosed with it by that logic. 
    Get her to take it herself and confront her. 
    Even if you confess, it won't change the situation. 
    You just have to do what you can. 
    Well, let's write a note. 
    How am I supposed to deal with this? 
    If you can remember and understand, you can do the job. 
    What should I have said? 
    You want me to say, "You can keep your salary, but you'll have to do less work"? 
    That's sound advice. 
    You don't try. You don't try. That's the way it is. 
    But it's hard to ask people to give you preferential treatment because you have a developmental disability. 
    The people who hired you probably hired you for a normal person's job. 
    If you tell them you have a developmental disability at the interview, they won't hire you, that's for sure. 
    It's hard, but that's the reality. 
    The only way is to get a job that can be done by a developmental disability or earn money on your own. 
    Hard mode? 
    It's the same for ugly people and ugly people because their life is in hard mode. 
    They want to be able to compete, so they get them. 
    If you say you're incompetent, it's quite normal for them to say they don't want you. 
    If they fired you because of that, they'll just tell you to be creative and deal with it. 
    You're giving an opinion on a consultation that you don't fully understand. 
    You don't even have the basics of being a manager. 
    The first thing they tell you in manager training is 
    Don't give opinions about consultations. 
    If you don't understand something, ask the person you're consulting with a question and dig deeper or look it up. 
    It's the same in a friendship relationship. 
    It's the same in friendship, but the worst thing you can do in a consultation is to give your opinion and make suggestions. 
    Never say, "If I were you, I would do this or that. 
    What is the model answer then? 
    I know, it's hard, isn't it? 
    I don't know much about ADHD, so I'm going to look it up. 
    Let's figure out how to go about it together. 
    That's what I'm talking about. 
    That's what good managers do. 
    I thought you said you were going to write down the results of our thinking together. 
    There's nothing else to do but to consult with superiors to find a better way to make people work. 
    At least that's what it says, but I'm surprised you can't even understand that. 
    You guys have some qualities too. 
    But in this case, there is no other way. 
    You're the kind of guy who just needs to sympathize with women? 
    I'm sure you can make some suggestions when you ask me what you should do, right? 
    Manager -> I can't remember if I don't write it down 
    This guy -> I remember every word the manager said. 
    No, take a note. 
    No, you should take notes. 
    I've improved my performance by taking notes and putting sticky notes all over the place. 
    If it's not for you, you should quit and find something else to do. 
    Just one sentence, "I can't stop crying," makes it sound like a lie, doesn't it? 
    I'm sure you don't mean "I can't stop crying. 
    No, what were you going to do by saying this? 
    As long as you're not employed in a handicapped category, of course you're expected to achieve the same level of results as a normal person. 
    As a YouTuber with ADHD said, ADHD is not an exemption. 
    If you're aware of your ADCD, you should work harder than anyone else. 
    That's hard to do. 
    It's also true that you have to make some effort to get by. 
    I'm sure the manager has ADHD and he's working on it. 
    Don't be so naive. 
    From the manager's point of view, it's like he's telling you that all your mistakes are due to your ADHD and there's nothing you can do about it. 
    If he hides it, it's his own fault. 
    Isn't he a good manager? 
    And the advice to write it down is pretty accurate. 
    Why don't you write it down because of adhd? 
    I've been taking notes and doing all the other things normal people do.
    But you said, "If you make so many mistakes, you must just be slacking off."
    I'm sure you're just slacking off. 
    I have to be more careful than normal people. 
    This is not an episode of this kind, but a story about a new employee with a developmental disability who was hired as an educator. Tomo, who became a trainer for a new employee with a developmental disability 
    "I make him give a three-minute speech every day, but he doesn't talk at all.
    or something like that.
    "Developmental disabilities are just a lack of experience, so we have to give him a chance.
    I felt sorry for the child with developmental disorder. 
    What should we do about this problem? 
    It's not discrimination, but simply, can't they do the same work as normal people? 
    I think we have to enter the workforce as such. 
    >>I think you have to go into that kind of bracket. 
    There are jobs I can do and jobs I can't do, so I have to find what I can do. 
    What is the right way to react? 
    Do you mean that I should be placed in an appropriate position because of my disability? 
    I'm a developmental person, and the hardest thing for me is to be told that I'm spoiled. 
    I can't do anything about it because I can't make an effort. 
    You're just not making an effort because of your disability. 
    Developmental people can make an effort in their own way. 
    What's a developmental disability that can't make an effort? 
    Don't make up your own disease. 
    Take medicine, get a certificate 
    Or getting support. 
    Isn't that what effort is for? 
    It's not about what you can't do, it's about how you can do it. 
    When I was a student, I couldn't make any friends, and I wondered why, but when I grew up, I found out I had Asperger's Syndrome. 
    I certainly don't want to hang out with Aspies. 
    I don't want to hang out with Aspies, but when I get older, most of them will drift apart and I'll be fine with that. 
    It's worse when you're worried about not having friends all the time. 
    I think it's better not to make them take notes. 
    It's painful and useless if you force them to take notes. 
    There's no such thing as effort when your body rejects it. 
    Normal, healthy people understand to some extent. 
    The only people who are losing their temper are incompetent people who see an opportunity and mount it. 
    I understand what you're saying, but there's no point in confiding in me. 


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