Supplement information thread for ADHD. / #ADHD #Supplement

    Supplement information thread for ADHD.
    Drink enough water. Simple carbohydrates and sugary foods are strictly forbidden as they lower blood sugar. You need a high-protein diet and L-tyrosine because you don't have enough amino acids for your brain. 
    I showed my doctor the supplement TrueFocus and he said it contains amino acids, but it's just for comfort. 
    It's in the book, so it must work. 
    The kind of tyrosine that works for some people is on a dramatic level. 
    Aerobic exercise. 
    Jogging, walking, cycling, whatever. 
    Preferably 3, 40 minutes each week. 
    Even if you're over 60, if you do this, your hippocampus will increase in size and memory by a few percent. 
    (If you don't do it, it will decrease.) 
    I hear that intense aerobic exercise is good for you because the large molecule amino acids are consumed by the muscles and the smaller amino acids get to the brain without being played. 
    I just received my Ultra Omega 3 and L-Tyrosine. 
    I'll start taking them today. 
    Aimen's book says 1000 mg of L-tyrosine three times a day. 
    Walking at a brisk pace for an hour a day, five days a week. 
    People who work can't do that for an hour a day, five days a week. 
    I wonder if people who live in Tokyo are superior because they don't get in a car and commute by train and walk around. 
    Just walk for an hour on the way home. 
    1000mg of L-tyrosine three times a day, not three separate times. 
    You're asking me to take 3000 mg in total. 
    Come to think of it, when I was doing well at work, I lived in the city and walked for an hour... 
    NOW Foods L-tyrosine is 500mg per tablet, no daily dose. 
    The distributor's instructions said 2 tablets, though. 
    Well, there are plenty of drinks with 3000mg of taurine. 
    It's just an amino acid, so I guess it doesn't matter if you take more. 
    I was up to 1500 a day, but maybe I'll double it. 
    I know tyrosine has no effect on ADHD. 
    The medical literature is all over the place. 
    I don't care if there's literature or not, it has actual effects. 
    And Aymen's book that said tyrosine works was published in 2001. 
    I wonder if there are better books out there now, 12 years later. 
    This is a rural library, so they only have older psychiatric books. 
    And there are almost no books on developmental disabilities... 
    I think it's effective in making up for what I lack in spatial awareness, because it improves it a lot. 
    It's essential on days when I drive or play ball games. 
    The important thing is that it works, and whether it's a placebo or a medicinal effect, I don't care either way as long as it doesn't harm my body. 
    I'm not talking about stand-alone tyrosine, I'm talking about Trufocus. 
    It's a lovely state of mind that's super calming, but it's also making my head spin. 
    It's honestly too otherworldly. 
    I'm just waiting for it to arrive, and I'm so excited about it. 
    But I don't feel anything from tyrosine by itself. 
    I'll give it a shot and see what happens. 
    Is there anyone who is paying attention to gut health or using probiotic supplements of that kind and feeling the benefits? 
    I heard something about GABA being made in the gut. 
    The doctor gives it to me for food poisoning. 
    Antibiotics + multidrug resistant lactobacillus made me feel shit better, but 
    But after a little while, I was back to normal. 
    What about Pycnogenol? 
    It is very expensive... 
    Tyrosine doubles my irritability, which is good for me! 
    It worked better than tryptophan and I was able to relax. 
    It also made my skin smooth. 
    But it was too expensive to continue... 
    I used to take the Healthy Origins stuff, but it didn't really work for me... 
    How many capsules a day did you take? 
    I took 3-4 HABA's, so I don't think there were too many ingredients. 
    I wonder if it's a phase thing. 
    I guess I was a bit stingy and one capsule a day didn't do the trick. 
    I took a multi-mineral supplement and my head felt clearer and my depression was lessened. 
    I wonder if I am deficient in this area if I have a picky eater. 
    The symptoms are worse on the day of ejaculation. I take more MVM accordingly and sleep to alleviate them. 
    My personal bias is that many people with ADHD seem to be quite energetic wasters. I think it's because of that. 
    Could it be that the body's energy is out of balance and the symptoms are wildly fluctuating or worsening? 
    Both Pycno and PS are expensive. 
    I can't continue to take them unless they are less expensive. 
    PS = phosphatidylserine -- a component of phospholipids, found in soybeans, etc. It is said to be effective for ADHD symptoms, and studies have shown significant improvement in ADHD symptoms in children supplemented with 200 mg of PS per day for 2 months (from wikipedia). 
    I started taking Koseongryu-tang for rhinitis, and I'm feeling a lot more motivated and a lot lighter. 
    I think it works because it is the base of stimulants. 
    You can buy it at the drugstore for 1000 yen, so give it a try. 
    But you can't use it continuously, so you can only use it as a good luck charm. 
    I didn't find it effective at all. It is classified as a cold remedy, so I guess it has a great sedative effect. 
    I heard that even Ritalin has no effect on some people, so I guess it depends on your constitution. 
    It's amazing what you get when you take hemp and alcohol together. 
    I can clearly feel the sensation of clearing my head. 
    I usually can't clean at all, but I could do it for two hours. 
    I'm sure it's bad for you, but I'm sure you'll need it from time to time. 
    I've been taking 2000 mg of L-tyrosine a day for a week now. 
    I don't feel any sense of brain clarity. But I get freaked out by noises and conversations. 
    I suffer less from paranoia this week, like I'm talking bad about myself. 
    I wonder if my hearing has improved and I am better able to discern speech. 
    I think I'm seeing a different effect than I was hoping for. 
    Since I started taking L-tyrosine and Kobayashi's Ginkgo biloba extract. 
    I feel like I'm less likely to panic in my brain and lose control of my work. 
    I try to dilute my coffee three times with water. 
    I don't know how the concentration of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Ginkgo biloba extract is compared to the imported one. 
    I've been taking PS for half a year already, and although I've become much more positive 
    I've been taking PS for half a year already, and I've become much more positive, but I'm still inattentive, procrastinating, and lazy. 
    I ordered TruFocus add because I wanted to do something about my habit of procrastination and laziness. 
    A few days after taking it, I was disappointed that I didn't feel any effect, but then I thought about it and I found that I have a mysterious power to take action. 
    But when I think about it, I have a mysterious energy. I ask people I don't know very well what I don't know, I call them, I ask for ambiguity. 
    I would ask people I don't know very well, make phone calls, make decisions about ambiguous things, and so on. 
    I'm surprised to find out later that I usually don't do these things because I'm usually too shy to do them. 
    Also, like 872, I don't get brain-tempered! I don't astral projectile during conversations. 
    I still get lazy in the morning and go out with a bang. 
    It's more of a long-standing habit than brain nourishment, so I guess I'll just have to fix it slowly... 
    I'm too bad at allocating time... 
    I wonder what the ingredients are in True Focus. 
    L-tyrosine, but the ingredients list only says 500mg tyrosine. 
    Vitamin C 36mg 
    Vitamin B6 12mg 
    Potassium 10mg 
    Tyrosine 800mg 
    L-Phenylalanine 300mg 
    Taurine 100mg 
    Grape Seed Extract 80mg 
    Potassium Ascorbate 60mg 
    DMAE 60mg 
    Ginkgo biloba extract 40mg 
    Coenzyme Q10 10mg 
    Tyrosine is very high in this product. 
    I've been taking it without knowing about it. 
    I don't see why it wouldn't work with that much in it. 
    But when I was taking SSRIs, the side effect of drowsiness 
    I was taking SSRI's and the side effect of drowsiness wiped out all the effects. 
    That's the amount of ingredients in two capsules, though. 
    I ordered Trufocus. 
    It's not that expensive a supplement, and I'm trying things out. 
    Serotonin enhancing supplements for depression. 
    Supplement for ADHD 
    The hard part about developmental disabilities is that you have to consider both. 


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