ADHD Life Hacks include ‘everyday (base) ingenuity’ and ‘extraordinary (extra) ingenuity’. / #ADHD

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ADHD Life Hacks include 'everyday (base) ingenuity' and 'extraordinary (extra) ingenuity'. 

When I first moved in, I was tidying up so fast that my muscles ached and I couldn't move due to a general malaise, because that was the "extraordinary" part. 

Since last week, I have become sluggish in the "speed" of tidying up, and since yesterday's loft assembly, I have become even less interested in tidying up and my brain is no longer stimulated. 

I guess it is normal for people to be able to do tidying and other "acts that do not directly lead to creation, production, or pleasure" in their "daily life". 

I have always experienced that the way we live our lives changes 180 degrees depending on how we cloak our daily life with the elements of the "extraordinary. 

I think the most effective way to achieve this was to have dreams, even if they were fantasies, and to engage in stimulating activities with friends in everyday life. 

Those elements have now turned to ashes and dust, so once things slow down, nothing progresses. 

I think that the fundamental ingenuity is whether or not we have or can have a "dream" that includes relationships with other people. 

In this way, there are moments when the daily routine is filled with extraordinary light, and various other small devices become effective. 

There are times when this continues for a certain period of time and it is a real breeze. 

However, in my experience, I have found that life often does not go according to one's plans, plans, and dreams, and there are definitely days when one has to live one's daily life surrounded by negative elements that oppress one. 

Some people would rather have that than the other way around. 

When this happens, the ADHD brain loses its stimulating, extraordinary sparkle and becomes incredibly distracted or, conversely, continues to overconcentrate on the few stimulating things. 

When I was younger, I naturally had "possibilities" and "dreams" and was able to move in my own way, even if I had to force myself to do so. 

As I got older, I lost many things, and the number of things I couldn't do increased overwhelmingly. 

There is a difference between the base ingenuity that can be used in such a period and the extra ingenuity that can be used when one's mind and abilities are on the rise. 

I think that "carrying only one bag" is one of the most important "base" innovations. 
Long experience has taught me that the "base" device is by far the most important. 

The "base" device should be "something that can be continued even unconsciously" as much as possible. 
Extras are effective when they spark one's creativity and have an extraordinary glow, but they often lose their effectiveness when they are wrapped up in the "everyday. 

In other words, it is possible that it wasn't even an extra. 
It's more like complacency than ingenuity. 

However, I think what shows its power here is the "obsession" when Aspie is strongly coexisting. 
I think that if this is there, it will last for a relatively long time. 

Also, there is the idea of macro and micro ingenuity. 

The "everyday," "extraordinary," "dreams," and the like I mentioned earlier are the largest part of the macro concept, and from there it gradually moves toward the micro spectrum. 
From there, I think it will gradually move in the direction of the micro spectrum, with each stage of ingenuity progressing in its own way. 

The way of devising will probably change as it branches out, depending on the person's environment and situation. 
I think it's a good thing that I have this, or that I don't have that, and that's the part that comes out. 

It's helpful to have a bird's eye view of the problem. 
I'd like to do something about the fascinating extraordinary being too fickle, but I guess it's not a "base" device. 

You're right, W. 
That whimsy is an ADHD symptom. 

I'd use a certain spot in my bag as a receipt bin, which is an extra because it only makes sense for a house bookkeeper. 

I've experienced that both moving and housekeeping can be demons for ADHD, so if you're in an environment where you don't have to do it, that's better. 

Having multiple duplicate keys, chaining purses and key holders, and hanging a phone around your neck are bases, I guess. 
However, while both the base and the extras may be appreciated by me, there are some things that may seem strange to the world, so if you want to maintain a certain public profile, it may be difficult to implement some of these things. 

It may seem easy to do, but it can be a barrier for the person who wants to keep a constant presence in the world. 

Instead of the extraordinary things that can be obtained on a whim, we need to find ways to create extraordinary things in the same way. 
I thought that if I could devise a way to create the extraordinary in the same way, I could be surrounded by negative elements, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be. ...... 

In my personal experience, if there is an "extraordinary" element in the macro part, there are three main phenomena that happen to me. 
Let's say the element is a "dream". 

Thanks to that, I can do the things I don't want to do in my daily life that I want to put off, by thinking that they are connected to the "dream". Reinforcement of will. 

(2) Imagining the "extraordinary" every day activates your mind and reduces the number of mistakes slightly. I can make the most of my hyperactivity and cover up for my mistakes. Brain function activation 

Even with the above two methods, mistakes, forgetting, and procrastination still occur frequently. Symptoms you can't escape. 

In the end, even when things were going well, they did not become okay. I guess we need to devise a way to deal with (3) again. 
Of course, the base is the same, and in these situations, extras are somewhat desirable. 

I think that the extraordinary works well because I do too much without regard to cost, which is my case. 
I don't think it's something that can be done physically for a long period of time. 

It's not a matter of how you feel, it's just a matter of whether or not you can allocate your resources well. 
It's just a matter of whether or not you can allocate your resources well. 

I agree. I think that's what I meant when I wrote "a certain period of time. 
I think that there is always a strain on the body, or something that is lost because of running too fast, or some other distortion. 

As a person in such a position, you can entrust your "subordinates" to implement new ideas every day, and to cover memory, forgetting, mistakes, and so on. I guess they can spread it out with secretarial figures and cabinet people. 

So you can go on forever with a smug look on your face for a long time? 

Well, it takes a certain amount of IQ, guts, environment, and symptoms that are not too severe, and not all ADHDs can be made. 

Another example is that in the "entertainment" business, there is always a "manager". 

The president of my company is like that. 
If he didn't have a secretary/office girl, he'd go out of business. 

As for the "extraordinary" element of macro, I'd say other things like friends, lovers, rivals, etc. would apply too. 

For others, it's "osha! I'm talking about the impulse to move. 

This move was a task not suited for ADHD symptoms from 1 to 10, but it would be "extraordinary" as a category. 

Base ingenuity. 
Any specific examples? 

I could use Timely (a sophisticated clock app) to set a repeating alarm labeled "garbage day" or "cleanup time" or something like that as a simple reminder. 
Or you can attach a chain to your bag and physically tie it to your bag. 

I thought that the role of the base device is to "unconsciously exert its effect", so please consider from that point of view. 

I don't recommend this because I'm not a long-term user, but I've been doing it for two weeks and it's working well. 
I put the calendar in the line of sight of where I always stop in the morning! You don't write anything messy on it. 

I just wrote "garbage day" and "Saturday office hours" for a year in advance. 
But for me, this is super important. 

The base and the extras. 
Well, that was good and easy to understand. 


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