How to Treat Subordinates with ADHD: “Don’t be Overbearing,” “Encourage Ideas,” and “Keep Work Units Small” / #ADHD

    How to Treat Subordinates with ADHD: "Don't be Overbearing," "Encourage Ideas," and "Keep Work Units Small" 
    One of my subordinates has the exact symptoms of ADHD. 
    I've thought about it as a possibility, but if there are so many of them, my subordinate must really have ADHD. 
    As a boss, how should I look at them? 
    What I'd like to ask my boss is not to be overbearing. 
    When you get overbearing, you shrink, you get distracted, and you make mistakes again. 
    It's a spiral. 
    I'm sure I make a lot of mistakes and I'll be told not to be so picky. 
    Hand over work in smaller units. 
    Don't give them a lot of work at once. 
    Make the priorities clear 
    Don't force them to do something, but tell them the results you want. 
    >> I think that praise is more effective than anger. 
    Basically, I think praise is better than anger. 
    Also, we ADHDers have great ideas (but we don't execute them). 
    I think we'll be a valuable asset in planning and strategy. 
    "This should be done this way. 
    This is what we should do", "This would be better", "This looks like a good idea. 
    "This looks like a good move, but it would be better later. 
    I'm good at thinking, and it makes sense, but 
    He talks a good game, but he can't do a perfect job at all. 
    He's a real jerk. 
    You're the one who started it all. 
    I've been told that many times. 
    When he's sharp, he can throw a great boomerang. 
    I have to say, "But what you said isn't wrong, is it? 
    I have no choice but to say. 
    But if someone says the same thing, you'll punch him, right? 
    You know that other people can't do what you want, so you don't get impulsive there. 
    With family members, the boundary between you and them becomes blurred, and you become impulsive because it's frustrating to not be able to get what you want. 
    I see. 
    I've been making the same mistakes over and over again, so I've been saying it in a harsher and harsher way. 
    I've been trying not to say much to him since I heard he had a 10-yen bald spot, but I'll take what I heard today into consideration and think about how to treat him. 
    My boss recently said to me. 
    "Don't be a prude. 
    I'm afraid of making mistakes and getting angry. 
    He said I looked like I was lazy because I was afraid of making a mistake and getting angry. 
    But in the end, I keep making mistakes, getting angry, and shrinking, and he gets tired of it.


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