Study Finds that ADHD is “Extremely Prone to Not Throwing Things Away / #ADHD

    Study Finds that ADHD is "Extremely Prone to Not Throwing Things Away 
    There must be people who buy so many things that they fill up their rooms, but cannot throw things away because they think that they may use them someday.
    This behavior may be linked to mental disorders called "hoarding disorder" or "hoarding syndrome. 
    New research has revealed that people with ADHD are more prone to this kind of hoarding. 
    I'm like that myself. 
    I knew it. 
    Why should I throw it away? 
    If the value of the space exceeds the value of the thing... 
    If you're not going to use it for a few years, throw it away or sell it. 
    You have to make good use of the land. 
    You don't want to waste space for stuff you won't use for years. 
    If you have a lot of stuff, it's a hassle to clean. 
    But I don't want a messy room. 
    I haven't looked at my graduation book or anything like that in decades, so I threw it out. 
    Maybe it's something I could have sold. 
    It's true that there are things you need when you throw things away. 
    I'm aware that I have this problem, but some of the things I consider "things I've thrown away, but I really needed" are things that I haven't needed in 15 years. 
    I'm sure you wouldn't think that way if you hadn't needed the regular ones for 15 years. 
    It seems like the best and seemingly most cost-effective thing to do is to buy a large amount of stuff at a low price and consume it gradually. 
    But it results in a lot of room space being taken up by stuff. 
    Divide the monthly rent by the floor space and multiply by the area that is unusable because of things occupying it. 
    You'll see that it's such an inefficient use of living space that it blows the cheapest purchase out of the water. 
    But people who want to shop around for a new, larger house with less money to spend will always be tempted by the instinct to accumulate a large amount of stuff at a low price. 
    Electronic components, chassis, and wires for home-built amplifiers 
    Speaker units, lumber, and sound-absorbing materials for home-made speakers 
    LPs that are no longer available 
    Back issues of homebrew audio magazines 
    The room is a warehouse, what is it? 
    It's not a warehouse, it's a treasure island! 
    I'll be so excited if I have a drink in that room. 
    >>I like it. 
    That's hilarious. 
    You're the guy with the garbage mansion? 
    I think people with a garbage mansion are also suffering from blurriness. 
    I think it's a blur since most of the people who have a trash house have aged. 
    The one from when they were young is a slice of the pie. 
    It's a messy room. 
    My house has glasses everywhere, too. 
    I live alone, but I rent a house. 
    I hire a housekeeper once a month to do the cleaning. 
    I make money just to cover my ADHD. 
    It makes me want to cry. 
    My parents are like this. 
    The closet in the kids' room and the attic were filled with stuff my parents didn't need... 
    And they're still saying, "Your room is a mess! Clean it up! And then they'd throw away all the kids' stuff. 
    You're my kid. 
    I'm gonna open up the attic. 
    You know, you might have a tendency to do that. 
    I'm the same way. 
    I find it painful to throw things away. 
    I've made the mistake of throwing things away in the past. 
    Or maybe it's just the trauma of throwing things away that were important to me. 
    I cried when I remembered the TV I threw away a few years ago. 
    >>I cried. 
    There's no analog broadcasting anymore. 
    I guess that's me... being poor. 
    It's so depressing that people want to get rid of everything and throw away everything. 
    Some people like to buy useless things and decorate them. 
    That's me. I've gotten into the habit of decluttering so much that I hardly have anything in my room. 
    I've recently come to think that it's not good to throw away too much. 
    But in fact, if I don't have stuff, it's not so easy to clean up everyday... 
    I myself am the landlord of my room. 
    It is not a good idea to leave unused garbage in the room. 
    is the same as renting a room to a delinquent who doesn't pay the rent! I thought to myself, "I see. 
    Well, I'm still with the bad residents because I'm kind to them. 
    If you leave it there because you think it will be useful, it will accumulate. 
    And when I throw them away, I regret that I should have left them there. 
    In fact, there are many things that are useful years later. 
    When you've been through it so many times, it's a shame to throw it away. 
    Exactly, if you need something in a hurry, don't bother buying it. 
    As long as you can find a place to store it, that's all that matters. 
    It's just too small to do so. 
    It happens to all of us as we get older. 
    I think that's exactly what happened to me. 
    That's my mom. No wonder the garbage is left in the yard all the time. 
    It's not that you can't throw things away, it's more that you buy too much on impulse. 
    I think she has a poor ability to make choices or focus on things. 
    Like ASD, developmental disabilities are vulnerable to problems involving "salt and pepper".


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