List of jobs suited and unsuited for ADHD. / #ADHD

    List of jobs suited and unsuited for ADHD
    Suitable job 
    →Not particularly suitable 
    Jobs for which I am not particularly suited 
    →Personal sales, host, cabaret, personal athlete, designer 
    Jobs for which I am not suited 
    →Corporate sales, clerks, administrative staff, high school teachers, engineers, programmers 
    Jobs that are not suitable for 
    → bankers, elementary and middle school teachers, pilots, train drivers, station staff, drivers, rescue workers 
    Make too many mistakes 
    Poor time-reading
    Lose things frequently 
    Causes interpersonal problems 
    Basically, lack of concentration 
    Some elements are so hyper-focused that they can work for 10 hours and not get tired at all 
    IQ varies more than 40 between high and low IQ items, and I have had depression and schizophrenia. 
    I have ADHD... 
    I'm assuming the onset of a secondary disorder. 
    I don't know if I'm depressed or not, but I've had times when I've been so mentally overwhelmed at work that I've had no motivation to do anything. 
    I think it's the opposite of a host and an administrator. 
    The host has to be more diligent to survive. 
    I have ADHD, but I'm a driver. 
    Why don't you work at a factory? 
    >>I'm a factory worker. 
    That's not the best job for you. 
    I'm sure ADHD cabbies would have fun. 
    I don't think he's as good at sports as he says he is. 
    You'd be better suited to be an artist. 
    >>I'm not a good artist. 
    It's just a matter of what talents you have from the start. 
    The overwhelming majority of people are incompetent and have no talent, but the idea of being an artist is a fantasy.


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