After trading stocks, forex, and crypto currency, I realized an important truth / #Investment #Crypto #FX

    After trading stocks, forex, and crypto currency, I realized an important truth 
    Working a normal job and earning a wage is the best thing you can do. 
    That's not true! 
    I'm sick and tired of being gouged by unrealized losses every day. 
    I just wait for the unrealized losses to turn around 
    Or I'll just cut my losses. 
    It's getting hard to think about the timing. 
    Just losing 50,000 after winning 100,000 is mentally draining. 
    Even if I make money, I tend to use it in a gambling way after all. 
    It's not just unrealized losses. 
    Even when I have unrealized profits, I can't relax. 
    It's best to work and put some money in every month. 
    It's nice not to have to worry about anything. 
    I don't know, but even if you win big, they take a lot of taxes, don't they? 
    It's great to be a salaried worker with no risk and a monthly paycheck. 
    What's important is that you're qualified. 
    If you don't qualify, you're at risk of bankruptcy or being laid off from work due to illness. 
    The best thing is to have many sources of income. 
    Money is the first thing to be stable. 
    Increasing it or not, that's secondary. 
    You have to accept that it's just pocket money for a college student. 
    You can't afford to lose money. 
    Every time I win a horse race, I realize that. 
    Making money from dividends is the most stable way to make money. 
    But if I wanted to earn 200,000 a month in dividends, I'd need about 80 million. 
    I've already made a hundred million dollars and retired. 
    Those who get scared lose. 
    Those who are satisfied with a small profit will be poor for the rest of their lives. 
    Those who can hold on until the end win. 
    Keep the coins you believe in. 
    Keep it on the wall. 
    If you put half of your monthly savings into investments, over time your investments will grow and become more serious and stable. 
    By the way, my thoughts on starting a mutual fund 
    It's been a long time since we've had an investment boom. 
    I think anyone who wants to do it should do it. 
    Wake up in the morning and look at the charts. 
    Look at the charts on the train to work 
    I look at the charts during my lunch break 
    Look at the charts on the train on the way home 
    Look at the charts before dinner 
    Charts after taking a bath 
    I watch the charts before going to bed. 
    I'm sure I'm going to lose my mind. 
    It's fun to see your money grow, isn't it? 
    I'm making a million every day. It's fun. 
    No, it's just that you don't have any sense. 
    You should be working, you idiot. 
    Do you understand that getting paid for your labor means selling most of your life for a low price? 
    The days when you could just work and get by are over. 
    We need to improve the work environment that leads people to want to live a life of easy money and enjoyment. 
    I said that, but it's the same all over the place. 
    Investing loses the incentive to work. 
    If you win, you don't want to work, if you lose, you don't want to work. 
    No matter which way you look at it. 
    If you buy anywhere, you pass out. 
    That's all you need to do. 
    You'll get head and tails in a bunch of unnecessary trouble. 
    You know what? 
    What I'm trying to say is it's not a matter of winning or losing. 
    I'm talking about something more fundamental. 
    If you work, you lose, but you feel better. 
    I've been in the stock market for 10 years. 
    I started trading virtual currency a couple of months ago. 
    I've changed my value system. 
    What's changed? 
    I'm not a stockbroker, it's ridiculous. 
    I know a lot of people misunderstand me, but I'm in the black on the whole. 
    But I'm tired of worrying about the market. 
    Like anything else, it depends on when you start. 
    I bought stocks with 10 million before the Lehman Brothers collapse and lost a lot of money. 
    After that, I added 3 million during the democratic era and made 7 million, and now I have 70 million. 
    Of course, I've withdrawn 13 million, and after withdrawing more than that, my account balance is 70 million. 
    Once I withdraw the initial deposit, the rest is easy. 
    It's my last chance to escape the 40-year prison sentence of being a Japanese company animal. 
    No matter what kind of work you do, just the fact that you have to get up in the morning five days a week and spend at least eight hours in a place you don't want to be is a pain in the ass. 
    The amount of money you make doesn't mean much. 
    You can turn your income upside down as much as you want by how well you choose the right investment products. 
    Money works harder than people. 
    Putting money to sleep is only a loss. 
    However, it is important to hold safe assets 
    Virtual currency is the best way to make money buy and forget


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