NFT, a mysterious boom where people buy and sell bad paintings to each other at high prices in a private circle / #Crypto #NFT

    NFT, a mysterious boom where people buy and sell bad paintings to each other at high prices in a private circle
    Isn't that creepy? 
    All of them are not very good illustrations. 
    A bad illustration goes for almost 10 million yen. 
    It's like playing Bubba. 
    Why would anyone want to pay hundreds of dollars for those shitty dots? 
    Do you think you can sell it for more? 
    It's like Bitcoin, only the currency is a crappy drawing. 
    They're selling for a lot of money, even if it's a crappy drawing by a kid. 
    If I join, will you buy me? 
    I don't think this will ever take off. 
    Because the digital data is completely identical. 
    I'm sure I'm better than those dots. 
    I've seen that exchange on Twitter, and it's really creepy. 
    They're like, "Wow, that's amazing! 
    This is worth more than the car!" and "This is worth more than a car! 
    It's not like they're forgeries or anything, but they can create something completely identical except for the tokens, and it's too subtle. 
    That's exactly what I'm saying. 
    I heard that you can't make forgeries, so there's no problem if I make one, right? 
    The writer is the strongest. 
    Isn't that creepy? 
    I can understand if illustrations by god artists sell for a lot of money. 
    It's just a bunch of rich people making bad illustrations and having a good time in their own circle. 
    It doesn't mean that you can own a unique object, just that you can prove your ownership, and you can copy it all over the place. 
    It's a meaningless boom. 
    NFT art is going to be trashed as soon as people come to their senses. 
    NFT of netgame data and items would be interesting to see in the dispatch game. 
    But they can be anything you want, right? It's only because you can resell them if they become popular, right? 
    The people selling for high prices really aren't very good at it. 
    In fact, they're not even good at it. 
    I wish all the artists would join in and crush them. 
    I don't know much about this. 
    I don't know much about it, but you don't get the copyrights to the paintings even if you buy them, do you? 
    I don't know what you're trying to do. 
    It's just an exercise to make it look like it's worthwhile. Well, it's a common multi-partner thing. So far, it seems like creepy people are being taken advantage of. 
    Steam banned NFT because the gaming industry was quickly swarmed by shady characters. 
    I wonder if they will go in that direction. 
    >>I wonder if that's the direction they're going. 
    I'm sure it will be full of traders and it will be hard to play the game. 
    It's a game of who's going to get the better end of the deal, but I have a feeling that there's a ceiling because there's so much money to be made. 
    I get the same sick feeling I got when bitcoin went up. 
    It's just an investment, but the community brainwashes people into believing it's really worth something. 
    If you want to be a Ponzi scheme, you have to be a Ponzi master. 
    If you want a luxury car or a (crappy) dot-com, which would you rather have?
    I thought this community was crazy. 


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