Why do so many people do forex and cryptocurrencies when they would definitely be better off doing stocks? / #Investment #Cryptocurrency #FX #Trading

    Why do so many people do forex and cryptocurrencies when they would definitely be better off doing stocks?
    Well, of course, you trade on the fundamentals. 
    That's all they do. 
    If it's clearly going up, and it's going up. 
    If it's going down, you're long. If it's going down, you're long. 
    If there's a downside, you're short on the upside. 
    If it goes up, you go short. 
    I really think it's easy for anyone to make money in the stock market. 
    How is day trading of stocks really? 
    Obviously, it's easy to win. 
    No, there are days when you lose, but... 
    I know because I'm from fx exchange. 
    I'll tell you straight, people who do this job are assholes, just do day trading. 
    What did you learn about stocks? 
    I at least watched youtube. 
    I had a lot of questions as I went along, so I just repeated Youtube and research. 
    I mean, it's the easiest to learn while actually playing the game. 
    I guess it's easier than studying for a certification. 
    It took me 200 hours to get my national certification. 
    >> I've never cared how long it takes to study. 
    I've never cared how long it takes to study. 
    I just sit on the computer and watch. I've got millions in the bank before I know it. 
    I don't have time to write down how to do it if you ask questions, so I'll save it for last. 
    How long did it take you to get to 100 million? 
    I started with 2 million. 
    It took me 2 years. I had been doing a lot of fx trading, so I had some knowledge of candles, which was a big factor. 
    Two years is too fast. 
    It's like accumulating small profits, isn't it? 
    I'll see how you do it. 
    Because I want to skip the hard work and make a quick turnaround. 
    And then the smart ones exploit me. 
    It's a zero-sum game. 
    It's a sure-fire way to lose. 
    There's no leverage. 
    Is there? 
    I can get up to 3x on margin, if it's substantial. 
    You'll have to come up with a million on your own. 
    I don't know if anyone's watching this. 
    I'll explain how to day-trade in a nutshell. 
    I've been trading for 4 years now, and I've won every year so far, so I'll keep doing it. 
    I'll maintain it. 
    I mean, it's harder to fall back on the "N" G's. 
    First of all, it's the way to fight for a guy who starts with like a million dollars. 
    Stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, whatever makes the most money at the time. 
    You don't have to be particular. 
    What's the best time to make money in currency exchange? 
    It's impossible to make money on such complicated stocks. 
    Virtual currency is still a possibility. 
    I can't touch stocks that have a lot of money in them. 
    (1) I look for stocks that are active anyway. 
    Why is it active? Check the fundamentals 
    (3) Trade one minute on the minute along with the fundamentals. 
    Of course, the good thing about stocks is that there is also a board. 
    I see this kind of guy regularly. 
    If it's $10,000, I'll take $30/$40 profit. 
    I'll probably lose $30/$40 on a $10,000 trade. 
    Stocks are pretty straightforward and there's no fait accompli if it's as predicted. 
    So it's much better than currency trading. 
    You can't take out the fundamentals and trade one minute at a time, can you? 
    What do you mean by "one minute" in terms of fundamentals? 
    Do you mean technical? 
    >>I'm talking about technicals. 
    You're saying you're long one minute on stocks with good news and short one minute on stocks with bad news. 
    If you're concerned about fundamentals, I think you're gambling on the medium to long term or earnings. 
    I'm sorry for my wording. 
    I'm just trying to find active boards for fundamentals. 
    Is that what you're saying? 
    It's to find liquid stocks. 
    I can only trade during the daytime on weekdays, and if I want to do scaling, FX is the only option for working people. 
    Personally, I don't recommend leveraged trading because of the large margin of loss. 
    By the way, is it possible to buy gold now? 
    >> I don't know about that. 
    I don't know about that. 
    Which do you trade more often, Japanese stocks or foreign stocks? 
    >> Japanese stocks mostly. 
    Japanese stocks mostly. 
    Do you always do something like this reflexively? 
    I might be doing it because I often do 100 trades in the morning alone. 
    You don't have a keyboard with a key like that to the right of the enter key, do you? 
    Also, all you do is cut your losses. 
    I only cut my losses once. 
    The rest of the time, I'm taking profit. 
    I'm interested in it, but I don't know what's going on in the world. 
    That's what most of them are doing. 
    I'm not sure if it's still easy to do fx, so people are still doing it and dying. 
    Seriously... you're probably right to stay out of it. 
    Meme stocks are the best. 
    If you're in it for the medium to long term, buy Azoom! 
    If you only pay attention to indicators, key figures, London open, NY open, bids and offers, and short-covering, you'll never lose, so you can win if you do it the normal way. 
    In the meantime, just move your hands. 
    You hear a lot about millionaires in stocks, but you don't hear much about millionaires in forex, do you? 
    I want you to think about why. 
    This is the most important thing I wanted to say. 


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