I make a living from crypto investing, any questions? / #AMA #Crypto

    I make a living from crypto investing, any questions?
    I'll answer anything. 
    Do you have a boyfriend? 
    If it's a girlfriend, yes. 
    What's the future of grass coins? 
    I'm feeling xrp for once, but will it pick up again? 
    I wonder what will happen to grass coins. 
    The other day, the crash took the coins I own down and wiped out about 15 million in unrealized profit. 
    I'm still planning to be a hardcore investor. 
    What about taxes? 
    The tax issue is still being sorted out, so I can't really say, but I feel like I'm declaring as much profit as I can figure out. 
    How do they know if you haven't filed taxes? 
    Bitcoin is a system where everyone monitors how bitcoin is doing, so it's easy to get caught lol. 
    Can you make a living investing $100? 
    If you are going to do btc-fx, you can make a lot of money with $100. 
    The volatility is extraordinary, so it is possible to make $10,000 or so in a month. 
    However, not everyone can do it, so please do it at your own risk. 
    What is volatility? 
    Simply put, it's like a huge price fluctuation. 
    Do you trade currencies other than bitcoin in the same way? 
    >> Yes! 
    Yes! The trading is basically the same for all currencies. 
    The only difference is the function of the currency. 
    How do you predict the price of Bitcoin now? 
    It won't go up anymore! or "It's not going to go down anymore! and the only way to find out is to... 
    Well, no one knows if it will go up or down, but I think it will still go up. 
    If there is some bad news, I will ride the wave and take a short position. 
    Basically, I look at the shape of the chart and predict whether it will go up or down. 
    Why do some people buy things that have become so expensive? 
    There are a lot of words, but I don't know them all. 
    Don't say that, just ask me something, and it doesn't have to be about crypto. 
    What do you think about the G20? 
    I think they're just going to regulate it again, so I don't think it's important. 
    It's a decentralized currency, so if you don't regulate it on a national level like that, it's not going to function as a currency. 
    Too much is not good, but moderate regulation should be done more and more. 
    For example, if the account is not verified, it will not be able to be used. 
    I'd like to hear about the principal, appropriate assets, and current total assets. 
    I started with $5000~$6000 and at the best time it was $600,000 and now it's around $300,000. 
    Total assets are scary.
    I can't buy bitcoin unless it crashes! 
    There's no way this is the bottom. 
    I don't know from what perspective it's a bottom, so I can't advise you. 
    How much will the taxes be? 
    I'm not sure if it's just crypto, since I have a company and file my taxes at the same time as my tax return. 
    I honestly have no idea what is true and what is false information in the virtual currency industry, so just trust the charts. 
    When I talk to people about virtual currency, I'm often told that it smells fishy. 
    I've only recently started. 
    In the beginning, I panicked because of the ups and downs 
    And I was like...
    "Whoa! It's going up! Buy!" 
    As soon as I bought it, it started to fall. 
    "Whoa! It's going down! Sell!" 
    I lost a lot of money because I kept doing this. 
    There are a lot of people like that, aren't there? 
    Well, this is true not only for virtual currency, but for all investments. 
    You can stabilize your earnings tremendously just by making sure to sell on the downside and on the upside.


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