Many people are becoming Millionaires with crypto investments, but won’t it inflate? / #Crypto #Investment

    Many people are becoming Millionaires with crypto investments, but won't it inflate?
    Isn't the value of the dollar going down? 
    No. The value of the dollar is going down, that's why the number of Millionaires is increasing. 
    Someone is losing money. 
    Because someone is losing money. 
    Someone else sucks up that amount of money, so it's even. 
    Someone's money made is always someone's loss in the market. 
    The total is the same. 
    No, even if it's zero-sum, if the money circulation in the world improves, it will lead to inflation. 
    If people are willing to spend more... 
    My money lost in the sea of electrons is their flesh and blood. 
    In fact, there are very few Millionaires. 
    I want my money back.
    They're going to make more Ferraris. 
    There must be a growing demand for millionaires all over the world. 
    I'd rather spend 10 million dollars than buy a Ferrari. 
    I just don't care about cars. 
    I just don't care about cars, but a guy who spends his nights on his computer trading crypto 
    I don't think they'd spend the money even if they had it. 
    It's zero-sum. 
    It's not zero-sum. 
    As long as the market continues to grow, no one loses money. 
    In other words, those who set up at this point are the parents of a Ponzi scheme. 
    It's not just dollars that are buying cryptos. People all over the world are buying them. 
    In other words, it's like a Ponzi scheme that's being run all over the world. 
    Then, the last ones to lose money are the poor people who dream of getting rich in some country, who are the last to enter the market. 
    Maybe it's the Dutch who are hoping for the return of the tulip bubble. 
    If the country is too poor, they won't even use the internet. 
    Cryptos are not zero-sum and 
    And now that the overall market capitalization is going up, it's a plus sum. 
    I've been thinking about this too. 
    It should be inflationary in the normal sense of the word. 
    I guess it depends on how many people actually became Millionaires. 
    I think the prices of commodities that are traded in existing currencies will go up because the market capitalization of what was almost free is now about a trillion dollars. 
    But that's what happened to money, futures, and stocks when we stopped the gold standard. 
    It's just a new expectation meter. 
    I think it's just more rich people and more poor people, but when cryptos become the norm, the slower it goes, the more the poverty level will accelerate. 
    A handful of rich people 
    If a handful of rich people can siphon off even more from the poor, they will grow steadily, and if the rich are late to the game 
    If the rich are too late, they will have to put in regulations to burst the bubble and start over. 
    There are scholars who say that capitalism will end up with hyperinflation in the first place. 
    In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is rising steadily. 
    Well, if it lasts until I die, I don't know the rest. 
    The value of legal tender is going down. 
    It's just that so far it hasn't had a noticeable effect yet. 
    So in the future, it will be better to hold half of your assets in crypto.


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