If you don’t have bitcoin or other crypto asset at this point, I honestly think you’re a misinformed person. / #Crypto #Investment

    If you don't have bitcoin or other crypto asset at this point, I honestly think you're a misinformed person. 
    This is the only time you have a chance to easily multiply your assets by several times or dozens of times. 
    There's a huge difference between several times and several dozen times. 
    It means it's going to increase a lot. 
    Bitcoin is wack. 
    Now is the era of Shitcoin. 
    >>Bitcoin is like Shitcoin. 
    Bitcoin is just like Shitcoin. 
    I can tell you're a crypto amateur just by this answer. 
    You're the amateur. 
    I think you're missing out if you've never touched it. 
    I'll hold on to at least one of these then. 
    I'll buy one now🤗 
    I did a little bit when I got the Corona benefit, but I don't know why it went up so much, I'm just glad I started at the right time. 
    What can I say to those who don't have literacy in that area? 
    The market where anyone can make money is already over.
    I think people who don't do side jobs or investments, not just crypto, are idiots. 
    My main job now feels like a side job, and I'm spending my time just fine. 
    That's just because your day job is boring.
    Boring life. 
    If you're a bottom-feeder, you're a bottom-feeder. 
    I got a new job that doesn't take up so much of my time, and now I have a side job that I want to do, so I'm fine with being called a bottom-feeder. 
    I'll have more money, I'll be home earlier, I'll be able to spend more time with my girlfriend, and I don't feel like doing just my day job anymore. 
    If volatility is all that's needed, it's the same with stocks and forex. 
    Bitcoin doesn't move one way or the other. 
    I don't know if I want to buy more XRP 🤔. 
    Crypto's are just going to keep getting newer and newer. 
    Better cryptos. 
    Eventually, cryptos will saturate and end up being garbage. 
    That's what I'm afraid of. 
    Existing crypto assets are going to die because of the digital currency that the state is going to release. 
    Will tax rates go down at some point? 
    In my country, they take half of your profits in taxes.
    The price goes up and down so much, it's better to do it as a speculation rather than an investment. 
    I think bitcoin will crash sooner or later. 
    I don't recommend getting into it now. 
    I've been buying XRP for the first time since a month ago and I've made $200 now. 
    There's no point in investing with such a small amount. 
    Work first. 


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